Report: Satya Nadella Requests Microsoft Board To Ask Bill Gates To Assist Him As CEO By Spending More Time On Technology And Strategy

satya nadella Microsoft CEO image

As Microsoft board is nearing the announcement about its next CEO, there were multiple reports on the discussions going on between board and the likely CEO Satya Nadella. Recode and WSJ both reported that Satya Nadella has requested Microsoft’s board to ask Bill Gates to spend more time on technology and strategy by assisting him as CEO.

After the board’s search committee recommended Mr. Nadella, he told the board that a bigger role for Mr. Gates as a close adviser is “what I need to be successful,” the person familiar with the matter said.

Since Bill Gates is already focused on his Gates foundation work in addition to being Microsoft’s chairman, it is unlikely that he will accept this new role which Satya demands to board. Recode reports that Bill Gates would step down as chairman in favor of the director John Thompson, as part of the changes.

Sources said that Nadella has asked Gates to do so, helping specifically with technology and product problems, and the pair have been scoping out what that would mean and how much time such an arrangement would take.

Hopefully, we will hear more about this in the coming weeks as board makes its official announcement. Steve Ballmer in the board along with John Thompson as the chairman, Satya Nadella as the CEO assisted by Bill Gates directly looks like a great combination. What do you think?

Source: WSJ, Recode


  • Tips_y

    I really hope Bill Gates would accept… although I doubt he will. He’s just too focused on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at this point of his life. But I really hope that he will accept.

    • reKitab

      I hope Bill Gates would accept the offer too, with or without the Rasta Cap:)

  • Mark

    If he really said that they need to cross his name off the list.

  • Orc

    I Think Elop would work better. Nadella would be limited with Gates to much around. Gates should still be involved, but not in this way,

  • cybersaurusrex

    An intern could run the foundation.


    • whatup12

      seriously–let Melinda run the foundation. he will still get credit for curing malaria…

  • -7-

    I volunteer to be his advisor for 1/8th of what Bill Gates would get. I m pinning my hopes on Nadella (also Indian) taking the cheaper option.

  • Nfnc1234

    Stop this kind of sick joke. If this guy become CEO of any company, I would die.

    • koenshaku

      Who do you think would fit the post then?

      • Nfnc1234

        There are three people in the world who can do the job: Bill Gates, Steve Baller and Steven Elop. No one else comes close.

        • whatup12

          Steve Ballmer was a Baller indeed! Listen, i loved him as much as the next msft fan, but his days as CEO are done. He assembled a lot of the strategy but it really is time for someone new. Gates’ heart isn’t in it anymore–he feels his legacy lies elsewhere. so be it. And Stephen Elop is poisoned fruit–as a Canadian, it would be fun for me, but just not right for the market or the future of MSFT.

          • LexicoRed

            If you was a real MSFT fan, you would understand that the Ballmer years was the worst thing to happen to the company that will take years to recover from.

            Defend and extend strategy made big bucks but innovation to grow the future got left behind by this idiot.

          • whatup12

            I would say that if anything a defensive approach would not have created win 8 and would have just resulted in a win 7 like OS that is somewhat faster, etc. I don’t think a defensive approach would have resulted in them entering the tablet market, etc. I think he was an eccentric and think the company needs to move on, but wouldn’t characterize him as a defensive strategist. I think he tried to be disruptive to the best of his capacity–win 8 is disruptive evolution. the surface was disruptive. the three screens, one OS is disruptive. And while I also don’t know what the future will bring, I think it will integrate different approaches for input transcending just the mouse and keyboard. and thus, win 8 was a step in that general direction.

  • Habib Wakil

    Yeah, that’s crazy…if he really did say that to the board…and I was the board, I would be thinking, “My God, did we just pick the wrong guy?” Where’s the confidence that should be a character trait of a CEO…the first word in CEO is Chief…what kind of chief thinks that he couldn’t be successful before trying?

  • Dealgreat

    Its funny, you guys think Gates did not talk to Balmer on the company direction all these years? I think the best bet for Microsoft would be to convince Sundar from google to accept the role.

    As someone said, let his wife run the foundation, he will still get the credit. The fact is, Gates cannot save Microsoft now, its beyond that now.