Report: To Get Shared Lists, Folder Mounting And More

Microsoft SkyDrive 250

We reported about some upcoming features that Microsoft is planning to deliver in coming months. Today, Liveside revealed some more new features that are coming to soon.

Here are the features,

  • Shared lists – This new feature allow users to select up to 100 files from different locations and bundle them to a customized list, and share this list with others.  This serves as an alternative sharing option so that users can find files shared by others easier.
  • Folder mounting – This new feature will allow users to “mount” other user’s folders to your SkyDrive. By doing this, contents in these folders can sync to your PCs together with your own SkyDrive files.
  • Device settings backup management – This new feature in SkyDrive will allow users to manage their backed up device settings.

Read about them in detail from the link below.

Source: Liveside

  • Yuan Taizong

    So basically we’re getting Windows Live Mesh back with better Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 (Blue) integration.

  • José Villaró

    “Folder mounting” Sounds more difficult that it should and was actually the feature I was waiting for to finally leave box and dropbox, about time

  • jimski27

    Nice. Now I can have a folder from my business SkyDrive account sync on my personal PC desktop, without using a 3rd party solution. Thanks Microsoft.

  • wp77

    MS is on a roll, thanks! Love Skydrive