Report: Steve Ballmer May Step Down From Microsoft Board When The New CEO Is Announced

Microsoft Board of Directors launched a search for a replacement for Steve Ballmer, looking both externally and internally from August 23rd last year. Since they’ve been focused on finding the best possible person to lead the company and in December revealed that the process is still going on. They identified over 100 possible candidates, talked with several dozen, and then focused their energy intensely on a group of about 20 individuals. According to various reports, the 20 individuals included Satya Nadella, Tony Bates, Kevin Turner, Stephen Elop, Alan Mullaly, Steve Mollenkopf, Hans Vestberg and others. While the search process might end in the coming weeks/months, everyone believed that Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer who are the largest shareholders of Microsoft might stay in the Microsoft’s board for years to come.

According to latest report from Recode, despite owning about four percent of the company, people familiar with the situation revealed that Ballmer may step down as a director when the new CEO is named. When he announced his retirement, he said that he will be closely associated with Microsoft after leaving the company. But stepping down from Microsoft board will further distance himself from the company? Anyways, we should wait till he makes an official announcement to know about his final decision.

What do you think?

Source: Recode

  • sadiq

    If he steps down from board that means change in Microsoft structure ,Future CEO may axe bing,xbox .Wishfully I hope its not the case new CEO understands bing and Xbox One value in windows ecosystem.Also New CEO should focus on speed up of shipping productu pdates rather than wait for years to get a simple feature.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Exactly, Ballmer’s vision must go-on.

      • Guest

        “Ballmer’s vision”?!?!? Those two words together is an oxymoron.

        His vision consisted of extend and defend legacy products at the expensive having a blind eye to market trends, given us hardware failures of kin, Zune, & Surfaces, and Software failures of Vista & Windows 8 all the while losing billions on Bing and XBox. That’s not vision that is the fall of a once great company.

        • Guest

          Harsh but accurate :(

  • Willem Evenhuis

    I cant help feel that microsofts mission statement is lost.

  • SatagB

    Ballmer going is the only way to get a half component CEO. No intelligent individual would take the job with the ex-CEO looking over your shoulder, specially when desperately trying to save his image after running the company into the ground.