Surface 2 Specs Leak: Haswell, New Kickstand, More RAM, Launches Next Month

Neowin has published a report on the supposed Surface 2 specs. As expected, Surface Pro 2 will be powered by Intel Haswell based CPU which will double its current battery life from 3-4 hours to 6-7 hours. While the look and feel of the device will remain the same, it seems Microsoft has refined the kickstand to some extent.

Leaked Specs:

  • Haswell-based Core i5
    • Will help increase battery life significantly
  • RAM doubled from 4GB to 8GB.
    • Not sure how much I believe this since it seems somewhat unnecessary and increases power consumption
  • Device will look similar to the current Pro
  • Microsoft has “refined” the kickstand
    • Possibly oneĀ that is more robust stand that is stronger or one that offers alternative viewing angles (speculation)
  • Price will remain the same
  • Launches near the release of Windows 8.1

Microsoft is also planning a large marketing campaign during the launch period to promote the new generation of Surface devices.

Source: Neowin

Update: Paul Thurrott corroborates most of the information posted above and provided following new info,

  • Microsoft is working on a 2nd gen Surface RT called Surface 2.
  • The upcoming Surface Pro 2 will offer a choice of RAM. The choices are 4 GB and 8 GB.
  • Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 will ship with an integrated two-position kickstand.

What do you think of this new specs?

  • MaelN

    No Surface RT 2 leaks ? :'(

    • Wtechrover

      Wouldn’t the Surface RT now be the former Nokia tablet? Qualcomm 800 quad core, Full HD 1080p screen, USB, Kickstand, a.o.

      • davepermen

        there’s one leak from nvidia, them providing the hw apparently. tegra somethingsomething.

    • Cruncher

      I am also more interested in Surface RT 2 leaks. Not interested in Haswell based Tablets, since thats what i have an Ultrabook for.

  • Thomas Jennerwein

    Dockingstation ?

    • SpitefulGOD

      Hopefully they make any docking stand backwards compatiable

      • zakaweb

        From what I’ve read online it will be compatible with the current surface.

        • SpitefulGOD

          Good, i think the only thing missing is a laptop type base that would allow for a sturdy laptop alternative, the surface is useless in the lap.

    • freshfelicio

      I would be happy if they released an external battery. Because there is no adapter for the custom Surface plug so it cant be used with any existing external battery.

    • Andreas Luebbers

      I would suggest you the Lenovo usb 3.0 Dock. This works very well will my surface pro and offers gb lan and multiple Monitor support. The price is also very nice, about 130Euro

  • hysonmb

    sounds like it will be slightly better than the existing Pro but I’ll not be rushing to the store to replace my machine šŸ˜€ That’s good news in my opinion.

  • reKitab

    Paul Thurrott corĀ·robĀ·oĀ·rates?:)

    • Yuan Taizong

      Paul Thurrott’s the 2nd best Microsoft blogger, 2nd only to the makers of Microsoft News.

  • Yuan Taizong

    I hope they’ll increase internal storage too and release it with Windows 8.1 (Blue) directly so people can see how awesome the upgr… ehh update is.

    • freshfelicio

      I agree. Because the OS takes so much space, they should not make a 64GB version, but only 128GB and 256GB.

      • Wtechrover

        W8.1 takes less space then W8. At least 6GB.

  • freshfelicio

    Want it so bad. I fell in love with the Surface Pro because of the pen + OneNote, but 5h of battery life is not enough for me. But no with Haswell my wishes come true. But I really really hope they learned from their mistakes and will launch it in Europe at the same time as US & Canada, because last time (in Germany) we got it like 6 months after the US. I’d preorder one if they make that possible.

    • neva

      Same here. I wanted it so bad but it turned out to be a disapointment. 4h of battery life are not enough for college and the release date in Europe almost one year after the presentation event completely killed it…
      Hope they don’t screw up this time!

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  • JosĆ© VillarĆ³

    “Not sure how much I believe this since it seems somewhat unnecessary and increases power consumption”
    I personally believe it’s necessary, at least an option for 8GB. I want to be able to use it as my on the go consulting/developing machine (Visual Studio, SQL Server, etc) and the 4gb plus short battery life made it a no go for me.

  • peterfares

    FINALLY 8GB RAM. 4GB is pathetic and made me not even take a second look at the Surface. Much better experience with 8GB RAM.

  • Wayne Sebbens

    Mostly what I expected. I’m hoping to hear there’s a bump in the screen resolution, and the mini-Display Port connector is also capable of Thunderbolt too

  • TryllZ

    The good thing about M$ is that they do the right thing only after doing a mistake, that’s the bad thing too….

  • Sean D.

    Great, but I really, REALLY want GPS. Not a complete deal breaker, but I want it.