Report: The Newly Designed Start Menu Will Replace Start Screen In Upcoming Windows Threshold


We all know that Microsoft is planning for a major Windows update in 2015 codenamed ‘Threshold’. Before Windows Threshold update, Microsoft has planned a minor update for Windows 8.1 called Windows 8.1 update 1. We recently reported about a rumor in which there is a possibility that Microsoft might offer a special edition Windows targeted towards enterprise that will allow users to disable Start screen completely. Also, depending upon the device in which Windows is installed, the Start screen/Start menu option will vary. For example, desktop users can completely avoid Start screen with the help of the upcoming Start Menu which will include Live Tiles and windowing of Modern UI apps.

Today, Winsupersite reported that our understanding on this feature is wrong. The new Start Screen will actually replace Start Screen and it is not an option which users can disable. You will be able to maximize the Start menu so that it takes up the whole screen and looks and works much like the Start screen which we enjoy on Windows 8/8.1 today. And depending upon the device, the device will boot to either minimized Start menu or full screen Start menu experience.

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Source: Winsupersite

  • dev

    Sounds stupid. Are there any experts at Microsoft? You always have the feeling that user experience decisions are done by people who don’t use Windows.

    • RoadOfMajor

      There is none. Microsoft is run entirely by Mainland China people with PhD’s, and accountants.

  • whatup12

    i do like the start screen, but just meet more and more people that avoid it like the plague on regular laptops… they need to fix it because as is, many just aren’t using it.

  • blakjedi

    A start screen logically makes sense. I honestly do not understand the back lash… It could be implemented better… like say last few apps, last few emails, last few documents last few websites… and a calendar option… but as a starting point… its really not a bad idea.

  • TR

    Stupid decision again from MS. They should just have the usual (useless) start menu as people are just slow and stupid at adapting to new things AND the start screen which is just great to see when you wake up your pc..

    • E Deming

      A more helpful way to look at it is people are busy and more interested in getting work done then trying to implement a new process that end of the does not make them more productive.

  • PoohGQ

    Since they have opted to go down this route (which I oppose anyway) can yu please bring back that matte Aero Glass from the Dev Preview from a couple years back??

  • Ray

    What’s the difference between full screen start menu and start screen?

  • Bugbog

    I actually believe that this is a fantastic compromise between those that hate the Start Screen, those that love it, and those that find it superfluous! (I’m in the ‘love’ corner).

    Hate: Minimize for boot-up, and you’re left with an updated start tab; part Win7, part Win8.
    Love: Maximize for boot-up, and its great for those that love it, tablets and hybrids!

  • Christian

    i already loved the startscreen. i think there’s really no need to bring back the menu. they just need to improve the current startscreen, like making ways to feel the integration between the screen and the desktop.

    imho, what MS is doing to improve the current startscreen is wrong. they are patching features over another, that it’s looking messy. my example is that the startscreen now has 2 types of context menus, one being the original context menu when win8 was released (as you would see when you press the power button, the one with larger fonts and thickly bordered with black) and two, the new context menu which appears when you right click a tile using a mouse (smaller fonts, thin borders) aesthetically it looks unfinished and not so well thought of.