Report: Top Investors Asking Bill Gates To Step Down As Microsoft Chairman

Bill Gates

A new report from Telegraph claimed that 3 top investors in Microsoft is now pressurizing Bill Gates to step down from his position as chairman of Microsoft. They feel that Microsoft is now spending more time in his philanthropic foundation and less time on Microsoft as a chainman. Also it is not that easy to replace Bill as the chairman as he still owns about 4.5 percent of the $277 billion company and is its largest individual shareholder.

Again, these investors can only suggest the board to make a change. But there is no indication that Microsoft’s board will accept the wishes of the three investors, who collectively hold more than 5 percent of the company’s stock.

The three investors are concerned that Gates’ role as chairman effectively blocks the adoption of new strategies and would limit the power of a new chief executive to make substantial changes. In particular, they point to Gates’ role on the special committee searching for Ballmer’s successor.

They are also worried that Gates – who spends most of his time on his philanthropic foundation – wields power out of proportion to his declining

What do you think?

Source: Telegraph

  • nobody

    pressurizing? maybe, pressuring?

  • Yuan Taizong

    They want Microsoft to change direction to… ¿let me guess these are probably the shareholder wanting to sell Bing, M.S.N. & Xbox? They just want Microsoft to become a company that sells Office and Windows, these people were those that kept Windows Mobile from properly developing up until 8 (Windows Phone 8) and they only count on ”businesses large enough for Microsoft” so they want to spinn- or sell-off Xbox in favour of dropping T.V. as a platform alltogether, Microsoft’s present direction will be a long-term winner, but the others are interesting in either imitating Apple or in making Microsoft monotonous.

  • pdouglas

    If some investors don’t like the direction MS is going, why don’t they just sell their stock? Invest in something else and be done with it.

    • Eli_Vance

      Most of these investors probably want MS to do something drastic like sell off some of their divisions which will drive up share prices. Once the share price rises they can sell some and make a profit.

      • Bugbog

        Precisely! The only thing I’m certain Bill would be dead-set against would be breaking up and selling off some of the company’s unique assets.

    • Guest

      Many have, which is why shares have mostly just changed hands and been dead money overall for an almost unimaginable, and certainly indefensible, thirteen years. But shareholders are also entitled to have a say in company affairs, including who is on the board and who chairs it. So I don’t really understand your criticism that some choose to exercise that right rather than selling out, particularly since there’s at least some objective support for their concerns regarding Gates.

  • tomakali

    I want to stand in line to stick a missile on those retarded investor ass…

  • Tech_Reader

    These are bastids !!
    What stupid suggestion, the world’s most admired person is beng asked to be not a daddy for his child !!
    Retards, die you fools.

  • Ian Walker

    Bollocks (sorry)

  • FreeDom

    Pretty dumb investors. The moment Bill Gates steps down the stock value will do the same thing too.

  • donzebe

    Top Investors can step down
    Microsoft will survive with my pennies.
    Still on Bill, don’t listen to dummies.

  • Kelv

    These Investors are bunch of leeches that care for nothing but only the stinking money, how many good companies had they ruined.

  • redtidal

    As outrage as this might sound, during the pivotal transactional time of the company, Gates does need to put in more hours (and heart) into the leadership role.

  • Guest

    “Again, these investors can only suggest the board to make a change. But there is no indication that Microsoft’s board will accept the wishes of the three investors, who collectively hold more than 5 percent of the company’s stock.”

    Everything is ultimately a suggestion in this particular area, including the board’s recommendations. Ultimately shareholders decide who is or isn’t on the board and who chairs it. But these investors don’t have to stop with just giving feedback to the board. They can lobby other large investors and take this to a proxy battle. In fact you can bet that’s exactly what they’re threatening to do. So, the board has to balance not only its desire but also what might happen if shareholders are forced to chose between the recommendation of a board that has failed them for thirteen years or a group of investors promoting change. I’m not sure I’d like my odds of prevailing if I was the board.

  • Popweasel

    Good lord, the story is overshadowed by the unbelievably bad grammar. Please hire an English-speaking editor!