Report: Touch Based Office May Come To Android Devices Before Windows

Microsoft released Office Touch version for Apple iPad few months back. The Office for iPad was a successful product with millions of downloads and users loved it. The most surprising part was that Microsoft released Office Touch version for iPad before Windows. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella then said that Office for iPad release was done as part of the new Cloud first, Mobile first strategy. In the code conference last week, he revealed that market share was also the reason it was released on iPad first. As per the reports from Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, Office for Android may also come before Office Touch for Windows. Office Touch for Windows will get released in spring 2015 than fall 2014.

But now, it’s sounding like the new priority is getting the promised Android versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to market. Microsoft officials said in March 2014 that the timing for the Android version of these touch-first apps wasn’t solid yet. I’m hearing, however, the plan is to make them available before the end of calendar 2014.

The other date in play here is when Microsoft plans to deliver the Metro-Style Gemini/WinRT versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. My sources say the new plan is to make these commercially available in the spring of 2015. (I’m not clear if a preview/beta version of these Gemini apps will be out before year end.)

ZDNet also reported that Microsoft has plans to release a Windows SKU without the classic desktop. In that case, Office Touch availability becomes critical as users always expect productivity platform on Windows. Office team is also expected to update their desktop apps in 2015.

Source: ZDNet

  • counterblow

    this means they are going to fuck us early Surface RT adopters and not make either this, or Windows 9 available to us.

    • Bugbog

      How do you extrapolate that from the above?

  • TheFourteenthDoctor

    That choice makes sense. All Windows versions have Office (or Office options) already.

  • dev

    Well, you always have to take Foleys blogs with kind of caution. She has certainly some credible sources, but overall Foley really doesn’t have any technical background and you often have the feeling that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

  • koenshaku

    Sort of speechless here.. Though MS tablet market is much smaller than that of iOS and android. I guess at the end of the day it sales more office 365 subscriptions and since these things are usually gimped anyway the full experience will be always available on pc platforms.

  • Jeffrey Clarke

    I am disappointed by this move by Microsoft. I have always supported Microsoft products but now I have to make the change. All my friends use an Apple Ipad and they have been trying to get me to change. I was thinking of getting the Surface 3 but not anymore. Even Microsoft supports the Apple Ipad and not their own product. I am getting the Ipad. Now we have to wait until 2015 for a Microsoft product after Android. This is shocking. I am encouraging everyone to give Apple Ipad a hard second look.

    • Bugbog

      If you’re getting an iPad instead of a Surface Pro 3 just because of this announcement, I’d have to question your need for it in the first place!?

    • HotelQuebec

      I own an iPad so I can say that it’s a limited consumption toy without precision pen and low resources like 1GB DRAM. For any sort of productivity and creativity you’re better off with a Galaxy Note or better yet a Surface Pro 3. I was close to upgrading from my iPad to Galaxy Note 12.2 but pre-ordered the Surface Pro 3 once it was announced since corporate software are Windows based.

  • Tezla

    Wow, this is really shocking… I had so much hope for windows ecosystem market share to grow… But this really kills it… They are fucking idiots. The way to make something noticeable and desirable is by providing useful features and special software such as Office when those are not offered on other platforms or devices. Just like it is the case with android and iOS devices, people, blindly, follow the apps and Google services. Therefore, they chose android devices or iOS devices over Windows devices, even if windows devices are superior with functionality, but if something special or unique is not offered exclusively on the platform, people will simply overlook it… MICROSOFT YOU ARE FUCKING UP!

  • LexicoRed

    I’m sure it may disappoint a few but this is really good business. The market is just so much bigger for Android hardware while the writing is on the wall with Microsoft hardware struggling since the days of Zune.

    It much better to maximize profits now so the company can reinvest in future Software and Service that will keep the company successful in the future, something hardware has not been able to do.

  • DW

    Office is already supported on 8.X (including RT). Just because it’s not completely touch on Windows… yet. Word was available on a Mac years before it was on Windows in the first place and it didn’t stop Windows from thriving. Once MS seeds Office again across devices it’s in a better position to lure people to devices that run Office. At this time they’ll have the new version running really well on their devices.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    Let’s be optimistic here and say ”they’re saving the best for last”. 😉 Let’s believe that.