Report: Twitch Chooses Google’s YouTube Over Microsoft For Acquisition Deal

Earlier today, we reported that Google is going to acquire Twitch game streaming service for about $1 billion. Twitch is extremely popular among gamers and has over 45 million monthly users. Now, The Verge reports that Twitch chose Google over Microsoft amid multiple buyout offers. They believed that Google’s YouTube would be a greater fit for their strategy as Microsoft may restrict them to Xbox after the deal. Also, they expect Google to help them scale after the acquisition to meet the demands of the gamers.

Microsoft and others have made serious approaches to Twitch, said the person, but YouTube was deemed the better fit. It’s unlikely that the gamer-friendly Twitch would have wanted any part of a deal that would tie the service to Xbox, as it’s embedded in Sony’s rival PlayStation console as well. A source familiar with the deal says that Twitch likely would have rejected a billion-dollar offer from other companies, but was willing to accept it as part of a partnership with YouTube.

Source: The Verge

  • hobgoogle

    They love Google ..everyone Love Google it’s the best

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      I really hope that you’re sarcastic….. even if you are, you’re right, often I try to like Scroogle but it’s hard, they innovate in some areas (note that they follow I.B.M. in their ”innovation through acquisition” philosophy), and I use some services like Scroogle YouTube every day, but the way they treat their own users is just unnoble, my comments are invisible on YouTube because I argue with Libertarians, and when I debunk them in details I get marked as ”spam” and now no-one can see me, Cracked also markt me as ”spam” because I pointed out why their arguments were wrong and even hateful, there is no honour in Scroogle anymore, Bing has more features, and services, as a search engine it can easily take on Scroogle (American Bing… the rest are shameful).

      Android is monopolistic, and GMail is overrated, I use GMail.., but only on my Windows Phone, I really like Scroogle+ and how it was integrated in YouTube, when everyone hated it I liked it, but the things they later added as a compromise made it less usable, sending private messages to friends in YouTube is also a hell as you get no notifications about them, while you do get notifications when you, or another person gets upvoted, I really can’t like Scroogle anymore, only Scroogle+ and Scroogle YouTube are ”likeable”.

    • tkadrum

      You forgot the /s at the end of your sentence.
      I value my privacy, therefore, anything that G touches. I will steer away from them. I used to have Nest thermostat , but it’s now history. I will never allow G to invade my privacy. I don’t want them to know which games I like to play the most, or which games I was searching for.

  • Alexis

    There goes any real hope for a windows phone twitch app… SMDH

    • Zicoz

      At least we have the GamesTv app, just hoping Google won’t block it after the purchase. But the purchase really shouldn’t be approved.

    • Dirk

      At least there will not be many people affected.

  • tropolite

    “They believed that Google’s YouTube would be a greater fit for their strategy as Microsoft may restrict them to Xbox after the deal.”
    Are they for real?! Microsoft has been showing how open they are to developing for other platforms for the last few years especially in the last 18mths… google on the other hand is the one that is shutting down toward others and monopolising the field. Bloody hell –

    • Bugbog

      It’s just one of the reasons, probably not the only one.

    • Zicoz

      This alone should be enough to block the purchase.

  • Emi the Strange

    There is alot of people against this anyway… if only Azubu wasn’t for Pro’s at the moment, it would have already thousands of new broadcasters.

    I bet people would dislike it if it was Microsoft the buyer but I woujld trust more Microsoft than Google, since I don’t use google services not even Youtube (only when i am really forced too by sites uploading to it, Microsoft included)

    • Zicoz

      Azubu isn’t really something that should be supported either, which leaves Hatbox, which is also bad due to its ties to Own3d, and hashed.TV which seems to be dead.

      • Emi the Strange

        you are right…. there is no many alternatives, but Azubu looks nice, feels nice. but of course they are closed, more closed than I thought. but they might open if they know they will make profit of it, and seeing many want to change if google/youtube takes Twitch.

        I would considere afreeca if it wasn’t korean and then limited all the stuff that means. and other livestream sites like ustream (used by many japanese) has many annoying ads… so yeah no alternatives, so it’s sad 1 billion and some companies get crazy about it, instead of building partnerships and getting 1 billion without selling.
        hmm Own3d seems to be “cooking something” but we can’t trust it will be good either. xD

        • Zicoz

          My main issue with both Own3d and Azubu is more related to the business side of things. Own3d still owes previous streamers a ton of money, and Azubu is a very dirty company.

          • Emi the Strange

            yeah I know Own3d bad managment. it sucks what they did.
            I dont know about Azubu, but they it’s bad to see them being so closed about it. but don’t know much about them, if they become as the only alternative to twitch, I would rather take it than seeing a not so good Twitch becoming worse.

  • Bugbog

    This just confirms my early comment upon receiving the news of the purchase; sometimes it’s not just about the money, the people involved have to want to take your money too!

  • Sean D.

    And here comes the flood of “MS really F’d up by not buying them”. Because every move google makes is always a good one.

    • boohooboohooboo

      maybe the new CEO will take some of the blame, since he gets 100% of the accolades for every new product and announcement in the past month… even though every single one of those developments took 1, 2+ years to bring to fruition.

  • Rikkirik

    What a lame story and thus untrue. There is no way Youtube would be a better fit than Microsoft. The rationality of this deal eludes me. Somebody care to explain? But sooner rather than later Twitch will realize this.