Report: Upcoming Surface Pro 2 Firmware Update Improves Battery Life Significantly

Surface Pro 2

Anandtech today reported that an upcoming firmware update for Surface Pro 2 will update battery life significantly. AnandTech re-ran its battery benchmarking tests to measure the difference in battery life of Surface Pro 2 before and after the firmware update. Here are the results,

  • Web Browsing Battery Life – 8.3 hours (6.6 hours before update)
  • Video Playback Battery Life – 7.73 (6.65 hours before update)

Microsoft also confirmed that the litany of sensors included in Surface Pro 2, as well as the higher resolution display, active digitizer and capacitive touch all of which increase power draw over other similar sized Windows Ultrabooks and MacBook Air. Anyhow, 8.3 hours of web browsing battery life on a Core i5, full HD touch display machine is impressive. What do you think?

Source: AnandTech


  • ekral

    Yes it is impressive, but what is not impressive, is that Microsoft is not able to ship any Surface to the Czech Republic. And instead of delivering Surfaces to more countries, they would like to spend about 7 billions USD just for marketing :(. So I can watch billion dollars advertisment for something that I can not legaly buy !

    • nohone

      I think you mean 7 billion CZK, not USD. They do not spend $7 billion on advertising. 7 billion Kč == $370 million, which is inline with the rumored spending on marketing for Windows in 2014.

      As for selling in the Czech Republic, you can’t sell everywhere. There could be many reasons why it is not yet available in the CR, import reasons, price reasons, or perhaps there is just not enough people who would buy it and it makes more sense to sell it in other places first and intro to the Czech market later.

      • ekral

        You are right, the advertising budget was in CZK. The Czech republic is EU member and here live more people than in Austria (where Microsoft sells surfaces). Microsoft only needs to prints czech manuals.

        You could already officially buy other major products in the Czech Republic, there are no specific import barriers:

        iPad Air (apple cz stores)
        Google Nexus 5 (LG cz distributors)

        The fact is, that there are no reasonable reasons to not to sell Surfaces in the Czech Republic. But OK, I will buy rather new iPad Air and support apple ecosystem.

        • GG002

          But you are also not giving Microsoft enough credit for the efforts. Apple and Google are already much more ahead in their supply chains, so it’s very unfair to compare that to Microsoft. If you want something badly enough, there’s no reason for you to jump to another brand/ecosystem. Of course, if you’re volatile, then I guess you can go for whatever floats your boat.

          I know plenty of people in China who smuggled iPhones into the country, even though there were plenty of Android devices to go around. I, for one, am VERY pleased with Microsoft’s improved supply chain, living in Netherlands. I had to go to Germany to buy my Surface RT, and it wasn’t officially available until nearly half a year later (even though in order for the tablets to reach Germany, they had to go through Netherlands). Now with Surface 2 and Pro 2, it was immediately up for preorder, at the same time as the US and a great deal more countries since last Surface launch. Kudos to Microsoft for pulling that off.

          • Bugbog

            Google isn’t, but LG is.

          • ekral

            The point was, that Surfaces does not sell well. And Microsoft answer? They would like to invest more into marketing! But what is marketing for, if there are so many countries where you still can not buy, after one year, even the old surface. They should invest rather into their supply chains.

        • nohone

          It would be better to ship to all countries, but for various reasons not all countries can be supported. Perhaps it did not pass regulatory requirements, perhaps there are components Microsoft is not licensed to resell in CR or would make it too expensive, maybe they thought it would not sell enough to make it worth their while. There could be many reasons.
          But it seems like you are trying very hard to discredit the Surface, while talking up iPad and other devices.

          • ekral

            CR is EU member, so the requirements are the same as in Germany. They only need to translate manual.

          • ekral

            nohone: They sells a lot of windows phones in the Czech Republic, there is no reason to expect that they will not sell enough surfaces. It is not me who is trying to discredit the Surface, but Microsoft itself. As I said, I like Suface, but the competition is really strong. Sometimes I think, that surface sales director is the same person who is responsible for Zune disaster.

          • nohone

            Microsoft does not sell phones, Nokia, HTC, Samsung sell phones. Phones are also different than computers.
            What does advertising have to do with selling something in one country but not another? If they are advertising in the Czech Republic but not selling there, then that is bad. But you need to advertise in countries they do sell in, otherwise people would not know they can buy it.
            I live in the US, California and Washington are two states within the US, each with different laws, and because of that some products are not sold in California. For example, a skin cream my girlfriend once used can no longer be bought in the state we live in because of a new state law. I know in Germany you cannot buy certain video games (Dead Rising, I think is one of them) because of German laws. Germany is in the EU, you can buy them in other EU countries, but they have their own set of laws.
            I am not saying this is the reason, but there can be many reasons why.

          • ekral

            The main goal of EU is to be one market with no import barriers. I seriously doubt that there are any barriers for Surfaces. The reason to not supply to the Czech Republic is just irrational. Violence in games is just different story and still could be regulated by countries.

    • FateStayNight

      I’m sorta with you on this. I had to ask my brother in the U.S. to buy the tablets for me and ship it to the Philippines just so I can get my grubby hands on them. I had to wait months before they arrived. Will probably do the same thing on Black Friday if I see any good deals. Windows 8 tablets are so difficult to find here or are horribly overpriced. People want one, they just can’t find any! If I sold my tablets for the same price I bought them in the U.S., people would be waylaying me on the street. or acting like zombies in planet z and me the only fresh meat in the world. 😉

      • Tips_y


    • romit

      Or India for that matter. I want to get a Surface 2 but will now end up getting a Nexus 7 since MSFT won’t release this. Heck, they haven’t even released the original Surface yet. One would expect something better given that WP is a rapidly growing platform here and is bigger than iOS

    • Lou_Sasshole

      Hopefully MS can ship future Surface devices to your country. You guys have introduced us to the absolute hottest pornstars in the world, MS shipping Surface tablets should be the least they can do 😛

      • BaritoneGuy

        Here, here. As someone who gets to Prague on a pretty regular basis I would also state there is a lot potential still untapped.
        MS – Please get them the surface.

  • GG002

    Woah, I could pretty much replace my Surface RT with a Pro 2, pretty much equal battery life now.

    • Bugbog

      But highly unequal in Weight or Price! :) :(

      • GG002

        That’s the sad reality.. weight of it I could still handle, but not the price, not for now at least, having gotten a powerful PC not long ago.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    are these numbers with or without power cover?

    • vcfan

      without. with the power cover, you’ll get another 6 hours or so.

  • Joe_HTH

    Now they need to fixe the Surface 2 battery life, considering the wildly varying opinions on it’s battery life. Why are some sites getting 14 hours and other sites barely getting 8? That’s ridiculous for the Surface Pro 2 to get as good a battery life as some Surface 2s.

    • nohone

      It depends on the testing methodology. Which reviews are testing real world use vs. contrived test designed to drain the batter as much as possible? Some of the reviews at were showing the Surface 2 with better battery life than the iPad Air are now being questioned because the iPad air is not supposed to have less battery life. Reviews rarely tell us how they perform their tests, they just want us to believe the numbers, and when many of the authors of those sites have a personal interest in making one product look better over another, I am skeptical of the results.

    • BaritoneGuy

      I am actually quite happy with my Surface 2 battery life. Slightly better than the RT, but wipes the floor with it from a performance perspective.