Report: Upcoming Xbox One SDK Update To Enable 1080p Gameplay For More Games

Very few launch games on Xbox One supported 1080p 60fps support. Many critics pointed out that the lack of enough hardware power was the reason behind the less frame rate games. Microsoft always denied this fact and it seems they are correct. In an interview to gamingbolt, Rebellion Games’ Jean-Baptiste Bolcato revealed that their upcoming game WWII shooter Sniper Elite 3 will run comfortably at 1080p. He revealed that the upcoming SDK update from Microsoft has improved the frame rate situation.

Will the process become easier over time as understanding of the hardware improves? “Definitely, yeah. They are releasing a new SDK that’s much faster and we will be comfortably running at 1080p on Xbox One. We were worried six months ago and we are not anymore, it’s got better and they are quite comparable machines. The Xbox One is a bit more multimedia, a bit more hub-centric so its a bit more complex. There’s stuff you can and can’t do because it’s a sort of multimedia hub. PS4 doesn’t have that. PS4 is just a games machine.”

Source: GamingBolt via: Neowin

  • BeefNeegroidMaster

    Big black beef stretches little pink meat

    • Nham Thien Duong

      I fail to see the exact meaning of your comment, but I suspect that it has a deep philosophical meaning concerning Microsoft trying to improve the big Xbox One (big black beef) and streching the possibilities of the software (the little pink meat), you seem to have a deep philosophical brain, I really want to know what goes on in the mind of an intelligentsia as yourself, y’all never seem to disappoint the masses with your great inspiring words masked as unrelated out of context commentaries, which has always been the backbone of logicians in the history of societal progress, great men as yourself are why Humanity crawled out of the caves. *looks up to you with admiration*.

    • reKitab

      Relevance, please? If people’s heads were soo small, we’ll be carrying many heads on our shoulder to compensate the beefy-body:)

  • donzebe

    keep improving, we will take it.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I really hope that they’ll make the A.P.I.’s more compatible with Windows (for P.C.’s) and Windows Phones.

  • Nick Harris

    A chunk of the GPU is allocated to doing Kinect voice recognition. All of the time.
    The CPU runs three Virtual Machines so you can Snap Apps besides Games. Why?

    I would rather have a slimmer OS, more available RAM, more GPU to use and a CPU that wasn’t being asked to switch to non-gaming related tasks. I don’t even require background downloads whilst I am in a game – this can be done overnight. I do require 1080p30 for single-player adventures and 720p60 minimum for multiplayer. If this new SDK can make that 1080p60 for both then I will be very happy. Those of us with fast broadband would prefer a model which had at least a 1TB HDD for digital downloads and no Blu-ray drive. If they could make it do the work of a Sky+HD box or TiVo then they would really have an ALL IN ONE.

    As it stands I will be buying most of my multiplatform games for my 1TB PS4.

  • Sunnycyde

    We all knew the Xbox one could, just needed to be perfected. I love my ps4 but I am getting,an xb1 so it’s good news.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I was told by the internet you can only own one. Pick a side god damnit! :)

  • koenshaku

    Software can only do so much for anemic hardware, it will allow developers to cut corners a bit more perhaps. I’m sure it is hard to do on a more multimedia console lol. Multimedia was there gamble this generation we will see how it plays out in the end.

    • Cruncher

      Multimedia is not trade-off you would have to make. The hardware itself is not more anemic than PS4 hardware, it’s power is just not as easy usable as PS4. Thats where the SDK update comes into play.