Report: Updates Coming Microsoft For Surface On Patch Tuesday

As Microsoft Surface runs Windows, we can expect security fixes, performance improvements, etc, over Windows update regularly. Microsoft has already released a firmware and software update to improve the experience of Surface for end users. Now, MS_Nerd is reporting that new updates are coming on patch Tuesday for Surface.

This patch Tuesday is going to be important for getting Surface ready for the next step. Some services are going to be updated as well.

I hope they update the Mail app along with others as well.


  • blackhawk556

    I seriously hope they update the people app because it is pretty pathetic when it comes to performance. Updated and reinstalled the app and it still crashes every single day. I don’t know else I could try but I’m tired of it crashing everyday. I’ll try reinstalling again. Tuesday can’t come fast enough.

    • FavBrowser

      Blame SInofsky, if not him, it would’ve been more like WP, which is far superior when it comes to metro apps

      • blackhawk556

        The people app in windows phone is extremely reliable, I don’t get why they behave like two apps that were built by different companies.
        Sent from my Windows Phone

  • textomatic

    Xbox Music needs major updates. It needs an easier way to get from A to Z and it needs to be more user friendly when it comes to matching songs and creating playlist.

    • inyourbase

      No it doesn’t. It needs to be re-written from the ground up. They need to talk to the guys who made the Zune client, and ask them how to make decent software. Because Xbox Music right now, is turd.

      • Bill Lee

        You are correct, sir! I’m pretty disappointed that I can’t easily sync my playlists to my HTC 8X like I used to with my HD7 on Zune. Also, neither the music app nor the WP8 sync app allow you to create a Smart DJ playlist from your local files. Compete fail.

  • Gavin Tom

    I bet you a pretty penny that they are updating that horrible mail app.

    • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

      They better! Why didn’t they just grab the stock mail app from windows phone, it kicks azxxxx

      • TheOne2125

        I know right the arm tablets should have been WP based the x86 W8 WinRt is stupid actually.

  • deathdealer351

    mail app needs update

  • surilamin

    This has got to be the dumbest ‘rumor’ ever. Updates coming on patch Tuesday??! no way!!!

  • steveo99

    They really need to fix copy and paste via touch. It’s really hit and miss right now.

  • the person

    i bet this means they are getting ready to activate the 5th Tegra core. We’ll see battery life soar when this happens.

    • briguy266

      I sure hope so.

  • Steve Williams

    Did you proof read that headline? It makes no sense. Perhaps it was meant to read “Updates coming for Microsoft Surface on Patch Tuesday”?

  • Smity Smiter

    Yoda wrote the title?

  • MrPointy

    So if an update activated the 5th core in Surface RT and that extended standard battery life to what? 12 hours? 13 hours? What would that mean for the Microsoft “slip-up” reveal of Surface Pro’s battery life being half of Surface RT? We could still be looking at battery life of 6 to 6.5 hour battery life for the Pro. That would be every sweet to have…
    Together with the chatter around Intel releasing low powered ivy bridge in limited quantities (like a Surface exclusive) early next year I’m still hoping we might see something very compelling for the Pro…