Report: Windows 8.1 General Availability In October 2013

windows 8.1

Microsoft is set to deliver the final bits of Windows 8.1 to OEMs this month (August). According to various sources, Microsoft is on the schedule to deliver the RTM. What matters most is the time frame in which consumers will be able to enjoy Windows 8.1 on their devices. According to the report from ZDNet, Microsoft is planning to release Windows 8.1 for consumers only in October.

Microsoft is going to hold off on making available the final Windows 8.1 bits until mid-October 2013 or so. That will be both the general availability date, as well as the “launch” date when new hardware running those bits will be available.

Also, usually Microsoft delivers final versions to MSDN or TechNet subscribers shortly after they release RTMs, but this time Microsoft is planning to hold off Windows 8.1 until October.

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Source: ZDNet

  • Yuan Taizong

    August 1st would’ve been a good date to release it, because it would’ve been 8.1, but then again, we care more for the quality than the symbolism of the dates on which it’s released, Apple’s 20 Anniversary Mac was also released on Apple’s 21st year.