Report: Windows 8.1 Now Holds 1.72% Of The OS Market Share

Desktop OS Marketshare October

According to the latest Net Applications data, Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 now holds 1.72% of the desktop OS market share. Windows 8.1 preview was available since June and the final version was launched officially in mid-October. The official launch has boosted its market share from 0.87% in September to 1.72% in October. Windows XP’s market share is now down to 31.24 and Windows 7’s market share is now down to 46.42% in October.

Overall, Windows dominated the table with 90.66% market share while Mac OS X held 7.73%.
Source: Net Applications

  • nohone

    Don’t forget, Windows is dead, Microsoft needs to drop it and become a company that supports Ubuntu. At least that is what one person who posts here wants you to believe.
    Also, once again we see that “failure” of a Microsoft OS has eclipsed the “highly successful” OSX, 9.25% to 7.73%. Even Vista has a higher percentage than the most recent version of OSX (when these stats were taken).

  • redtidal

    I think I might have also contributed to the unsinkable XP.

    Still have an old machine running XP.

  • frankwick

    It’s been out less than two weeks. I would say those numbers are acceptable. It has already surpassed Linux and it is half way to the OSX/Vista mark.

  • Emily the Strange

    I know alot of people with 8.1 haha i really dont know how people havent updated yet… like normal users I mean, because even the non techie persons I know have upgraded!
    but it will grow more and more and with new tablets being released sounds like it will be a nice hit for christmas and all those silly dates, even black friday and that stuff.

  • tomakali

    Microsoft should force upgrade XP to W8 Lite version or W8 Trial for 2years.
    Either upgrade to W8 2year trial
    or Live the last 1Year last days of XP

  • Malcolm Williams

    This adoption seems … not slow but it is cause for alarm.
    Most users are still using Windows XP and Windows 7 which holds over 70% of the market if web analytics is to believed. The former OS losing support next April.

    That 30% is huge and will sadly transition to Windows 7 as it is the most stable OS by volume and adoption.

    Comparing the values of growth for Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 7 growth, Windows 7 grew at a faster rate than both OSes combined early on. After one year Windows 7 had about 17% of the market with an incredibly fast adoption rate by burned Vista users.

    We are not seeing the same growth trends with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. It’s possible that one reason for Windows 7 growth is due to the fragmented experience and lower price points (the rise of the netbooks).

    Maybe the decreased price in tablets will lead to a wider adoption of Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

    Only time will tell.