Report: Windows 9 Public Tech Preview Coming In September

Today, ZDNet reported that Microsoft is planning to deliver a “technology preview” of its upcoming major Windows release codenamed “Threshold” by late September or early October. Windows Threshold is likely to be marketed as Windows 9 will be released as a public preview for anyone who are interested by end of this year. This Windows 9 tech preview will receive subsequent monthly updates and it will be installed on the users automatically.

Windows 9 is expected to include no.of major changes for keyboard/mouse users and it is also likely to include new consumer facing features such as Cortana integration.

Neowin reported some more information regarding change to how Charms bar works in the upcoming Windows release. Here is the summary of the report from Neowin,

  • Charms bar will work differently for Desktop and Modern environment users.
  • Charms bar won’t exist in the current form for desktop users where they are required to move the mouse to right edge of the screen for the menu to appear.
  • Charms bar might become app centric where it might appear within the windowed Modern apps for desktop users.
  • Modern apps will be opened in windowed mode from desktop and this will allow Microsoft to remove the charms bar on the right.

Also, Cortana is already in the internal builds of Windows 9/Threshold. Cortana is now a separate app when launched won’t take full screen. Apart from that, Cortana looks and works similar to how we have seen in Windows Phone devices.

Source: Mary Jo Foley

  • NegLewis

    Windows is the hart of Microsoft.
    ALL MS products are build first on top of Windows.

    Lately MS has start using other OS’s as primary Target OS.

    I would say that Azure IS the future of windows… and windows is the future of Microsoft.

    But MS has only 2-4 years to wake up.
    MS must make windows free.
    Make Azure free.
    Make OneDrive and Office Free.

    Just look at VM Ware and VBox. They are 1-2 years away of a MultiPlatform Virtual Sand boxing Platform…
    Even MS has one – HiperV (?).

    Look at Android apps. Can be run on ALL OS’s – from Linux and MAC to Windows % CO…

    How soon people will demand to run DOS and Windows apps on MAC ( already) and 8x Cores Android Tablets? ChromeBooks?

  • Peter A Hollow

    It will be great to use the virtual desktop as long as the
    there is also access to Google Play and Apple App Stores for apps that work
    natively in Windows. And of course and
    alternatively as Paul Thurrott said in his Embracing Web Apps article this may be the better source
    for apps and inevitably be a better source for productivity, fun and life
    management than Modern Apps as found in the Windows Store.

    If developers for Google and Apple apps make web versions of
    popular apps (even if it is only in the short term before porting to the
    Windows Store) then it will quickly fix the so called “app gap” that
    drives Microsoft device users crazy.

    Also, I hope by now Microsoft gets that the Taskbar,
    Desktop, Start screen/Start menu, Favorites (in Navigation Pane) and even the
    Favorites bar in the Internet Explorer are EQUAL environments for launching
    programs/apps as well as access to folders.

    More particularly pinning shortcuts to folders to any and
    all of these places is what it means to have a PC (P=Personal) that can be
    personalised in any of these places.

    It is wise to retire (or provide another option for the Jump
    List where items there can be pinned to any of the environments) when right
    clicking on the File Explorer items in the frequent and pinned sections.

    If folders are pinned then it should also be possible to
    change the icon (found in properties of the shortcut and increase the
    imageres.dll gallery) and any other high or regular def bitmap, jpeg, tiff, gif
    or vector graphic to them.

    If people use the taskbar then making it double height and
    introducing another size of wide tile may be a nice touch too, likewise on the
    desktop adding the fourth size of large to that to be used like a gadget would
    make a lot of people happy who have grieved the loss of the old gadgets from
    Windows 8 and had to download an 3rd party free add-on.

    If this was all done it would go a long (or even all the)
    way to resolve concerns about Windows in its current (now less jarring)
    form. As for the charms, it is real
    simple – just pin them by default to the taskbar with the option to pin them in
    all but the IE Favorites bar and again in three of four sizes. A side benefit would allow for them to be
    easily touched on the desktop or taskbar.

    If the taskbar is in hidden mode then a finger swipe up
    would allow for it be shown.
    Alternatively the charms as well as other things such as time date
    volume and action center found in the notification area (previously called the
    win tray) could be available via the Windows Phone 8.1 style notification
    centre accessed by swiping down form the top of the start screen.

    It seems it may take until Windows 9.1 or even Windows 10
    before Windows could have all these changes but if Microsoft could introduced
    these feature changes at the release Windows 9 as “coming very soon to
    Windows” it would be guaranteed to stop all the (regular or power user)

    Some of these concepts are in Apple and Google systems but
    Microsoft has a real chance to in one fell swoop executive them in a better,
    simpler more personal way changing the devices and services forever…if only
    they would listen during and even before preview version that is to be released
    soon and also that the monthly updates eventually lead to the final version
    (without having to uninstall) the preview of Windows 9.

    I hope they also know that one voice on these type of sites
    is equal or greater to thousands who are thinking these things!