Report: Windows Blue Public Preview Coming At Build 2013 Conference

windows 8 logo confirmed

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that BUILD 2013 conference is happening in June this year at San Francisco. Microsoft will discuss next generation Windows, Windows Server, Windows Azure and development platforms around Xbox, IE at this year’s conference. Windows Blue builds have already started to leak in the web and it is a good bet to predict that Windows Blue public preview will come at BUILD conference. The Verge has now confirmed it via its source that Windows Blue public preview is coming at BUILD conference.

Windows Blue update for Windows 8/Windows RT/Windows Server devices will include number of UI and UX improvements. Read about it here.

via: The Verge

  • surilamin

    I think this was pretty much expected as soon as they announced the conference.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    So will we be able to give feedback to MS based on content leaked now?

    • surilamin

      Microsoft will probably release a newer build in June.

      • Willem Evenhuis

        I understand, but as an enduser I do hsve some feedback before it becomes an rtm. Would likr to see that fredback applied

    • frankwick

      Considering their yearly release cycle, I think they’re set on features for Blue. As much as I would like for your and my feedback to actually count, it probably needs to wait for Purple.