Report: Windows Blue To Include Some Charms Menu Tweaks, New Built-in Tutorials And More

Acer W3 Windows 8 PC1

Microsoft is working on an update for Windows 8 codenamed Blue which will be released as preview in June. Various Windows Blue update got leaked in the past few months and revealed number of improvements over Windows 8 UX. It includes improved PC Settings menu, Start screen, lockscreen, etc,. ZDNet reports the following changes too,

In addition to the optional Start Button and boot-to-desktop options, there may be other interface adjustments in the works, according to one of my Blue tipsters. I hear the Windows team may also be tweaking the Charms to make them a bit easier to use with a mouse. There might be new built-in tutorials and in-context help coming to Blue. And word is there may be adjustments to the Start Screen designed to make Blue easier to use for Desktop users. One of my sources said some of these tweaks may not be in the Windows Blue preview release coming at the end of June, but that they still could make it into the final product.

Microsoft is also making Windows Blue optimized for 7-8 inch devices which are hitting this holiday season in US.

Source: ZDNET

  • hushv

    Tutorials is where they fucked up. They should take a cue from facebook and put the tutorial right in windows. Or at least game like and make it accessible instead of burning it deep within control panel.

    • Martin Spierings

      Aside from the weird tutorial on first boot, there should’ve been a video that explains where everything is and thus making the user aware how to use the OS. I can agree that this is the area where they really should’ve improved the OS from the beta releases. You really need some help in order to know how this all works and how it is different from what you’ve been used to for years.
      I don’t mind to explain to my mom how this works, but not everybody has somebody who can do that. Especially for those not so bright users who had some difficulty. Don’t get why this wasn’t outed in their usability tests in the first place

      • the person

        really? I watched a 6 yo figure it out in two days without any tutorials

        • ZeroNoise

          Windows is actually easier to use than 7, Vista Pr XP but it looks different so people don’t give it a try. I met a guy with 40 years of computing experience tell me that he would of the missing hot keys. When I showed him all the hot keys and how they were the same he kept bringing up age and told me inherently he was right and windows 8 sucks. The thing is the iPad was a new device so people expected it to be different and sat down and learned it. The iPad doesn’t have a tutorial but people have no problems learning it. Same with windows 8 it isn’t anymore harder to learn. I’ve taught some people who have never used a computer in their lives in minutes how to use 8 and within those minutes they were alrdy browsing the web and setting up email. It was easy BC they wanted to learn…thats all it comes down to, willingness to try and learn

          • Asgard

            “I met a guy with 40 years of computing experience tell me that he would of the missing hot keys.”
            The biggest problem of W8 are these so called “professionals” who are professionals just because they have used the same UI for 15 years, not because they are very smart. These older “pros” are still not using even the new taskbar options in W7, they try to force it to work as XP did. Not very nice situation to MS, because these people are often decision makers.

          • tropolite

            I agree with both comments of Asgard and ZeroNoise… I’m a 30yr IT vet (sad I know), but I see Windows 8 being a solid improvement and move forward. There is so much to like about W8 and its new design. To describe it, it gets out of the way when you need it to, but there when you need it. Lets you get on with work and yet keeps you up to date and keeps other apps close by and accessible.
            Windows 8 can be compared to the first Windows 3 release. It changed the way we did things (compared to DOS), wasn’t perfect, but evolved into Windows 7. There were the those that criticised the change but they clearly didn’t have a view of the bigger picture.

      • hushv

        “not everybody has somebody who can do that.” Exactly my point. They already know how to make excellent tutorials – check Rise of Nations game. They should simply UNIFY the tutorial skills in this case and everyone would be happy.

  • lokanadam

    In fact, at the time of w8 launch, I fired a mail to steve sinofsky and steve ballmer to add lots of tutorials [ since the learning curve is very steep ] .

    stevesi promised they will come! and so, they come now ! Is it too late ?

    • WixosTrix

      No it’s not too late, but still late and should have been in the finalized release.

    • Derek

      What are their email addresses?
      I cant find them ANYWHERE!
      I just get heaps of fake ones.

  • Vincent McLaughlin

    A tutorial is a good thing, for those who just don’t want to take a few minutes to play with the OS. It really isn’t that difficult to learn. The desktop is pretty much the same, outside of the missing start button. All settings can be accessed with a swipe from the right of the screen. In app options are accessed in the same manner, when in live tile screen.

  • grs_dev

    I really hope the rumors about the start button and boot into desktop mode are JUST that. It would be a step backwards for humans and computing as a whole. In 2013, to think that the best way to compute is still based on mid 80s innovations is a sad sad state of affairs.