Report: Windows Store Now Has Over 50,000 Apps


According to Metrostorescanner, a 3rd party site tracking Windows Store apps, Windows Store has now exceeded 50,000 app mark. According to that site, Windows Store has exactly 50,341 apps. Windows Store was opened last October and since then the numbers increased constantly every month to reach this level.

For a comparison, Apple AppStore has about 300,000 apps optimized for iPad with all leading app names available on the platform. Windows Store has a long way to catch up with Apple AppStore both in terms of app quality and quantity. Microsoft is working to improve developer experience of Windows 8/RT with upcoming update codenamed Blue which will include no.of improvements on WinRT.

Source: Metrostorescanner

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Wil we here more about which fraction of these are high quality? It is so difficult every time to understand what this app total number actually means.

  • halamadrid

    it will be 200 000 at the years end

  • Kitab

    These 50.000 apps apply to Metro stylé/WinRT, otherwise, Windows has millions? of applications(apps), that can be used on Windows 8 Pro. This app counting is silly, to me anyway:)

  • SonicJihad

    Did we forget Microsoft promised us 100.000apps within 3 months????????

  • todd ward

    It’s getting there

  • Manolopoulos Apostolos

    50000 and only some apps is good. Windows 8 store guys sucks (apps and design). Nothing good.