Report: Worldwide PC Shipments Up 5% In Q1 2014, Windows XP Migration Helps The Slow Market To Grow

Canalys PC shipment

Canalys today reported that worldwide client PC shipments which includes tablets reached 123.7 million units in Q1 2014, up 5% year on year. Even though the growth in tablet shipments slowed to 21%, yet at 50.8 million units they continued to out-ship notebooks. Notebooks shipments fell sharply in China and European regions while US remained flat. Lenovo continued to lead among the Windows OEM whereas Samsung is pushed to 4th place by HP as they are leaving the mainstream PC ecosystem to focus on their mobile efforts.

Lenovo did well in the quarter, increasing its PC market share from 10% to 12% with 15.0 million units shipped. It achieved solid annual growth in all PC categories and is now placed first, second and third in the notebook, desktop and tablet markets respectively. And after four quarters of decline, its shipments in China are stabilizing – they were effectively flat on Q1 2013. EMEA was Lenovo’s main source of growth this quarter, with its PC shipments there up 61% year on year. ‘Lenovo was quick to move with new form factors and its Yoga line now dominates the global convertible notebook market,’ said Canalys Analyst James Wang. ‘In addition, it has diversified its tablet portfolio and has product SKUs in all key market segments. Unlike Apple, with its ‘one size fits all’ tablet strategy, Lenovo and others are free to tailor tablets to specific market segments. The tablet form factor is well liked by both young and old consumers; product customization can be beneficial in both cases.’ –

Read more at Canalys.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    it still is inevitable that pc sales will fall if this regards the laptop and ultrabook devices. This was already clear since the first tablets came out. Windows 8 won’t change that. Tablets, slates and hybrid devices will be the future.

    • PoohGQ

      I still own a desktop, laptop, a Surface, and a Windows Phone Lumia 925. I depend on them all for 1 reason or another. I also build HTPCs for some of my friends and customers. I don’t see PCs completely die out anytime soon. Trust me, even the guy on a budget will not depend on a smartTV to impressive his girlfriend..

    • ZloiYuri

      Personally me used laptop. That’s a nightmare. For three years I use desktop PC and soon will assemble a new one. So maybe future of plain entertainment and simple chatting is mobile, but serious work needed something more powerful. Maybe someday ultrafast internet and clouds will change this state, but now it’s this way.

      • Duk3togo

        Zloi, you’re everywhere bud lol…

        • ZloiYuri

          Yes, I’m fast 😛 Maybe it’s just I don’t think about my opinion and have strong point of view already? (here might to be a Cheshire Cat smiley)

      • Guest

        What is serious work by your definition?

        • HTk_Joe

          Yes I wonder that too, it is becoming a tired cliche I’m afraid. The store I use to work at does both their customer checkout and accounting on a tablet.

          I think for some who talk about “real work” are talking about “their” workflow and have not imagine the new ways tablets can produce work. Tablets create new workflows that some have a difficult time seeing.

          Steve Sinofsky has a great post on his blog making the same point.

    • hotrod2391

      I think it is not the future. The future is voice recognition and interaction but we are star wars far from it. Tablet is for consumption while PC/Notebook is for content creation/consumption. Nothing beats the keyboard for input and interaction. Heck even the future movies have PCs.

  • TheNextWeb

    cool story bro, where did you find it??

  • Bugbog

    Samsung is going to shoot itself in the foot in order to use a crutch. Yes, mobile is growing, but focusing on “mobile” (i.e Android, Chrome, & Tizen) to the exclusion of Windows 8 form factors other than Laptops? That, as we can already see above, is going to backfire big-time!

    No 8″ Win 8 tablets, 2-in-1’s, 10-inchers, or few as to make no difference at all will just add up.

    • NGM123

      Samsung is anti MS and are hell bent on being the next big thing with their own android based platforms, they are after Microsoft’s market.