Report: Xbox One To Launch On November 29th

Take this post with a grain of salt, but CNET UK believes the Xbox One will be launched November 29th based on information obtained from retailer Toys R’ US.  Sony is releasing their console in mid-December, so an earlier release by Microsoft would be a blow to Sony and would help the Xbox One pick up some more momentum.  Amazon, which give estimated dates for pre-orders, has also pegged the Xbox One launching in November 2013.  The PS4 is currently priced a $100 cheaper than the Xbox One, but it does not include a bundled version of their equivalent Kinect technology.

Source: CNET UK

  • Martin Spierings

    The release of the PS4 in mid-december hasn’t been confirmed now is it? Its the first time i hear of it, but i would guess the X1 (and PS4) would be earlier so they can maximize momentum from the Black Friday sales?

  • BIAS

    MS should break even by selling Xbox at no profit during black Friday so they can get them into gamers hands. This would raise its reputation.