Report: Xbox vNext Details To Be Revealed On May 21st

xbox 720


As per previous leaks, Microsoft was planning to reveal Xbox vNext sometime in April. But according to recent reports from Winsupersite and The Verge, Microsoft will be revealing the next Xbox specification details on coming May 21st. The event is expected to be held at a small venue which will give some firsthand details about the new gaming console.

Xbox vNext specs got leaked few months back andĀ it is expected to sportĀ 8GB of RAM, 2GB of graphics, WiFi and Ethernet facility to connect and play online games, USB3.0 support, Blu-Ray player, etc. The device was also rumored to have always online feature.

Source : TheVerge, Winsupersite

  • Nick Stone

    as long as it’s Intel cpu/gpu I’m good. If AMD, I’m out! Itd be just like ps4… EF THAT!

    • Zeehunter

      It’s going to be a AMD GPU .. Xbox 360 has a AMD GPU too
      The main difference between Sony and MS offerings is that MS makes licensed GPUs by AMD while Sony buys GPUs from AMD ..
      So , Microsoft has a higher control in the manufacturing as the SOC is produced by MS itself