Report: Xbox vNext Will Be Six Times Powerful Than Xbox 360


According to various sources compiled by IGN, Xbox vNext will feature graphics power 6 times than that of the current generation Xbox 360. The system will feature AMD Radeon 6000 series that will support DirectX11, multidisplay output, 3D and 1080p HD output. The next version of Xbox will be launched in 2013 with developers receiving development kits based on the system’s final configuration in August.

Still these are not official info, so don’t get excited soon!

Source: IGN

  • Anonymous

    The 360 already has 1080p HD output.  Multidisplay sounds interesting though. But will the wife let me buy another (two) 60inch TV’s?

    • Anonymous

      Just install them on the wall and act like they always been there :)

      • randy williams

        lol true true. Say they were on sale when she asks you to bring them back..

  • SoulScavenger

    A Radeon 6000 based GPU for a machine to be released next year just does not make sense.
    There is no substance in this rumour.