Reports: Surface Touch Cover splitting, exposing wires


The Guardian reports that the Microsoft Touch Cover appears to have a manufacturing defect, with splitting developing around the magnetic hinge on the cover.

The issue is affecting numerous devices in both US and UK, suggesting the problem may be endemic to the keyboard.

Microsoft is providing replacement covers at no cost for those what are affected, but it seems either there is a manufacturing issue, or the design is flawed in some way that will need a redesign.

Are any of our readers affected? Let us know below.

  • Freddie Fuentes

    mine is still working fine, got it at launch and no issues, and I use it pretty regularly flipped around the back or underneat the device with the stand, i’m always playing with it, no issues. yet. :(

  • Bill Johnson

    Had mine since the day they were released and no problems so far.

  • Arafat

    I have the issue

  • crueber

    No issues here, yet. Glad to hear they are happily replacing the covers at no cost if it happens, though.

  • Eric Hon

    Mine is fine too, however, I am not surprised by this. On mine, you can clearly see that part of the keyboard experiencing stress, but mine just hasn’t completely ripped apart as reported. It can be a defect, but made worse quicker by users not taking care of the device

  • Cherry

    No issue for me.

  • Dino Borogovac

    Strange, this look like peeled off by hand.

  • Ror Brennan

    I have this ‘issue’. There’s no damage, it’s just the top layer of the cover popping out from under the plastic end piece. I just use a fingernail to slide it back under and it’s fine. No problems yet, and it only pops out sometimes when I fold the cover all the way back, which I rarely do.

  • Shyloooh

    There’s a small bulge in the middle of mine. I really haven’t used the cover much but I can definitely see the tear occurring in the future.

  • Bugbog

    Mine is fine, haven’t used it much though.

    TC aside, this may seem silly, but does anyone get ‘Critical Battery Alert’ when the battery goes under 10%, like on Windows Phone?

    I don’t seem to get any alerts, the battery runs down causing the unit to switch off. I can’t seem to find any control to alter this. Any suggestions? (BTW My Acer W500 running all the previews presented me with alerts when the battery wen critical!)

  • Kitab
  • textomatic

    Mine is fine.

  • GGlazer

    Been using the surface with the touchpad constantly for about a week and a half and no issues with mine yet. Fingers crossed…

  • Athena Trophy

    We have two devices in our house and both have this issue.

  • Myclevername

    Anyone know how or where to buy an open box Surface or a refurb yet? I know there has to have been some returns already. I can haz open box?

  • techieg

    Lousy Apple fanbois with their lousy antics, always cooking up some bad press.

    • Microsoft employee

      I bet that half of the people who bought a surface are Apple fangirls who just bought it so they could pick at the cover and make it look bad.

  • GG002

    No problem with mine, it’s really solid, even when I try to force that part.

  • tropolite

    If these need to have a slight redesign can the TouchCover (not sure about the other), be shortened by a couple millimetres?

    If you have the cover flipped to the back and try to take a picture you get the bottom half the picture blocked by the cover. It just needs to be a slight reduction in size. I figured it is just a design oversight but it’s the little things that make a difference…

  • Adam

    Sent mine back yesterday with the same issue

  • Gavin Tom

    I thought this would be an issue with the rigid keyboard layout they have in the touchpad. But I haven’t had any problems yet. But I am really careful with my electronics. So my 10 year old laptop still runs, Never had to replace a computer because it just “broke”.