Rizing Game: now available also in Windows 8 RT!

RIZING : one of the craziest free shooters on WP7 Marketplace finally lands also on your Windows 8 RT tablet with more enemies, more bullets and a bigger arena!

If available, this version can also take advantage of your keyboard and mouse making it even easier to dodge the hellish bullets patterns! Some of the other features include :

  • Glow style acid graphics
  • Loads of enemies with different attacks and patterns
  • Random waves generated level by level
  • Power up you weapon to devastating levels
  • Improve your shields and heal up during fights!
  • Time your nukes to get extra bonuses
  • Random bosses created and assembled from different parts
  • 3 Different difficulty levels
  • Online leaderboard

Follow the links below to download the game for free on Windows Phone or Windows 8:

Windows 8 Download

Windows Phone Download

  • peehole

    Why do all these Windows 8 games look shit? They should stop making these ugly neon games, make cartoony games! With appealing graphics, this shit sucks and i feel emberased next to iPad users who have way better games.

    • Gamerdude

      Games, like music, food, art, etc. appeal to different people in different ways. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it’s shit to someone else. It’s great that you have an opinion, but no one else has to agree with it. For me, cartoony games are the ones that look and play like shit.

  • Bugbog

    Does anyone have a running list of ‘good’ (appreciably 3D) action games for Windows RT?

    So far, there is:

    Hydro Thunder
    Reckless Racing
    Dredd vs Zombies
    Riptide GP

    [ARMED & Pinball FX are kinda static]

    That it? Anyone able to add to the list?