Rumor About Microsoft’s Upcoming Reorganization Plan

Microsoft Reorg Rumor

We recently came across couple of reports about Microsoft’s reorganization plan in the near future. Bloomberg reported the following info on the reorganization plan with Microsoft creating four major divisions.

One idea under consideration by Ballmer would create four divisions: an enterprise business led by Nadella; a hardware unit overseen by Mattrick; an applications and services division under Lu; and an operating-systems group jointly led by Terry Myerson, Windows phone chief, and Julie Larson-Green, head of Windows engineering, said one person. Bates would also be given a significant role, said the person.

Today, @MSFTNerd posted a rumor about this upcoming re0rganization at Microsoft. Here is the list of divisions and their heads.

  • Windows Engineering – Jon DeVaan
  • Online Services – Qi Lu
  • Hardware and Partner Operations – Michael Anguilo
  • Microsoft Studios – Don Mattrick
  • Business Platform – Tony Bates
  • Microsoft Apps – Julie Larson-Green
  • Developer Tools – Scott Guthrie
  • Microsoft Research – Direct Report

There are couple of holes in the above list. First, current presidents such as Satya Nadella, Kurt DelBene are absent from the above list. Second, the reorganization was also reported to be focused on simplifying financial reports which contradicts with the above list. What do you think?

Source: @MSFTNerd

  • smity smiter

    so, where exactly does Windows Phone fit in?

    • Asgard

      Under operating systems division. Which is good because now they are too separated and not working enough together.

    • Jamie

      Windows Phone will be moved into Windows division (which is where it should have always been lol)


    All MS Nerd does is post bullshit, he promised 900 WP8 upgrades, said Surface announcement was Verizon related, etc. just attention whore that needs to be ignored.

  • p0kes

    This re-org should go to the very top with Balmer stepping aside as well. MS needs some new blood.

    • surilamin

      Ballmer has said he will not even consider stepping down until his youngest son finishes college. That’s still a couple years away.

      • koenshaku

        Yeah those tuition fees can be a pain.. /sarcasm

  • BIAS

    And these are the sane people who provide apps on other platforms while ignoring their own. The most recent example being Skype. I dint care about video messaging but show a gesture to the faithful fans you got their back. And the bad PR lately, what’s up with that? Look at the Xbox One launch…

    • Jamie

      Umm… Skype is the only service that does that… and mainly because it still operates as a separate company. I mean it doesn’t even properly integrate with Microsoft account, which is horrible! But under this new restructuring, it will tie everything much closer as it should be. The point of them now being a devices and ‘services’ company is to provide services to all platforms not just their own. That’s the beauty of Microsoft. But after this re-org, I’m sure Skype will have a much better experience on Windows.

      • BIAS

        Ok. I’ll calm down for the time being. But what about the Xbox 24 hr check?

  • cybersaurusrex

    Keep it simple:

    Software (Windows, Office, Apps, Games, etc)
    Services (Azure, etc)
    Devices (Surface, Xbox, etc)

    • Jamie

      For those products, that’s how it obviously will be… but overall, they can’t make it THAT simple because there are a LOT more orgs and services that Microsoft has that you’re probably not even aware of. Things like Research, Business Units (Dynamics, Enterprise users, etc.), etc. need their own orgs. The list in the article is actually pretty good and drastically simplifies their current structure.