Rumor: Microsoft Looking To Buy Shoutcast & Winamp From AOL

Now this is only a rumor, and to be perfectly honest, not one I really believe.  However, TechCrunch, which is owned by AOL, is reporting that Microsoft is considering buying Winamp & Shoutcast.  Winamp is media playing software for Windows and Android devices that AOL picked up through its $80 million acquisition of Nullsoft in 1999.  Nullsoft also developed Shoutcast which is a cross platform propriety streaming media software.

AOL is currently in the process of shutting down both Winamp and Shoutcast.  With the increasing popularity of Spotify, Pandora, ITunes, etc is seems to make little sense that Microsoft would want either piece of software.  Spotify recently raised $250 million valuing the company around ~$4 billion, greater than AOL’s entire market cap.  However, it is important to remember Microsoft did buy over a billion dollars in patents from AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and then proceeded to sell some of them to Facebook.  There may be some patents in play which Microsoft feels are important to add to its intellectual property portfolio.

Did you use Winamp back in the day? Let us know in the comments below…

Source: TechCrunch

  • geek

    Of course, who didn’t/doesn’t use Winamp? Still my main engine for track leveling. This would make a great backend music engine for Xbox Music, espeically on Windows Phone.


    I use Winamp everyday, it’s my main media player, I love that it’s playlist based (instead of just media library), jump/enqueue, personalization via plug-ins, etc.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Shoutcast has 50.000 Radio stations that can make Xbox Music way more competitive, Microsoft can gain a lot from this.

    • Bryan

      Microsoft has a pretty good relationship with “iHeartRadio” which has both Windows 8/Windows Phone app

  • oge

    My main music library /catalogue. Absolutely need the metadata flexibility …

  • pbv561

    I have used winamp for years and still do. This would be a great addition if Microsoft could integrate it into xbox music, The functionalitry and features of winamp are excellent.

  • Emi the Strange

    well AOL announced winamp will shutdown on dec 20… so maybe its not hard to buy these kind software… well, Im sure it will cost more the R&D of Xbox One controller than Winamp anyway, so there is no excuse to buy it if Microsoft wants to

  • Captain Panaka

    Hope its true…Microsoft needs a better desktop player than Windows Media Player or Xbox Music (which both suck donkey balls). Most importantly, they need to add FLAC support for lossless files to Windows. WMV doesn’t cut it, and its about time Microsoft steps up to the plate and supports an open format!

  • reKitab

    Did you I use Winamp back in the day? Yes oh I did;)

  • Castagere

    I still use Winamp and maybe 5 years ago the thought of MS buying it was great but now i don’t think so. MS has not been handling things that well lately and i can see them screwing this up.