Rumor: Microsoft Panicking Over Windows 9; Special Enterprise Edition Can Disable Metro Interface

Infamous Microsoft leaker WZor has come out hiding and dropped some interesting information regarding to Windows 9 or ‘Threshold.’ Here is a roughly translated Russian quote from WZor:

“In fact, the most interesting things are going in China, where Microsoft executives are shocked by a series of decisions of the Chinese government. Timing of Windows 9 now depends on how these problems will be solved. Our sources say that Microsoft is panicking about the fate of Windows 9. It’s very likely, that Microsoft will release Windows 9 Enterprise Edition without integration of Microsoft’s cloud services and with the ability to disable “Metro 2.0” interface. This possibility is being actively discussed at Microsoft.”

As China has grown socially. economically, and militarily it becomes an increasingly important market. The sheer size of China dwarfs the US and Europe combined. This coupled with what is perceived as a weak United States make decisions by foreign government more important than in the past.

As we reported earlier the Chinese government has been very vocal in criticizing Microsoft’s decision to drop support for Windows XP. It is estimated that 75% of China still uses Windows XP with 90% using pirated copies of the OS. There is also speculation that China is unhappy with Microsoft’s decision to select Indian Satya Nadella as their new CEO. India and China have been historically competitive. China still remains extremely hesitant to allow any non-Chinese cloud services to be used within the country.

These rumors should be taken with a grain of salt as plans of course may change. If Windows 9 is indeed off schedule this an extremely bad sign for Microsoft, as the new management is doing no better than the old management.

Source: RU Forum

  • Batman

    Microsoft is in Short, F4cked 😉

    • 12Danny123

      Well to be honest. Microsoft can’t do much about it since. this is between the Chinese and US government

      • robertwade

        Well, that’s only partially true. The statement in the quote that the US is perceived as weak is EXACTLY correct. The current administration has reduced America to a whimpering puppy internationally, which explains why so many countries are considering dropping the US dollar as reserve currency. While all this is largely in the arena of domestic and international policy, in this case affecting how much (or how little) leverage the US has with China, Microsoft is a business, not a government. China is a market. Chinese markets being much more under control of the Chinese government does create problems, but Microsoft has to make decisions based on the bottom line, not government policy.

    • MS 31684

      its time to fuck china and its govt

    • Joe_HTH

      LOL! Yeah, whatever! If you mean cash flowing from every orifice, then yeah, they’re fucked.

      • TurnerMac

        As the world largest country rejects upgrade, hardware sales are dismal, and prime historic revenues streams are being pushed to “free” pricing. Yes Microsoft will continue to make money for a long time but it is becoming irrelevant backend services tech company.

        • dota

          FYI, Microsoft makes most of its money on Office, not Windows.
          Also the subscriber count of Office 265 is increasing at a very rapid rate, that’s stable monthly income. MS is not going to be “irrelevant” any time soon.

  • Sugadevan

    If MS gets Win9 right, apple & google will be raped! Good or Bad, love or hate – Windows 8 is a bold & perfect step for future. This is a long run!

    • Sanjiko

      Sorry but market reaction has specificly communicated this bold and perfect step has been a convoluted mess; trying to make desktops tablets and tablets desktops. The company has to get Windows 9 right just to survive.

      • Joe_HTH

        LOL! Oh God, stop with the hyperbole.

      • Sugadevan

        OMG no one can make tablet into a desktop! 😀 Microsoft has a separate vision and they already built a perfect hybrid/full blown pc in a tablet form factor.. you guys cannot understand the functionality of a device.

        apple made the dumb ipad to play angry birds and called it as the perfect tablet(that’s a device that’s all), it doesn’t means tht a tablet cannot be used as a pc. Surface Pro 3 is a perfect marriage between engineering and a full blown OS. No other company has even a plan to do that. Period.

        • Don’t fear the future

          I don’t understand how people honestly think that one device can only accomplish one type of task.

          Example: Both Windows 8 and iOS have a game called Asphalt 8. My Surface Pro plays the game exactly as it does on the iPad, except I can also use game and steering wheel controllers to play the game too.

          But here’s the real difference: I just get word that one of my patient’s went into the hospital with a GI bleed. I know they are on COUMADIN and I’m curious on what their INR is. I can log into the hospital software with my Surface Pro and see what’s going on with the patient: right from my family room.

          How is that a bad thing? How is this a compromise? The answer: It isn’t. It’s just said to be a compromise because that’s what the competition says when their products cannot do the same.

  • Drewidian

    I don’t think MS is in trouble here. I think what they will most likely do is give Windows 9 away as a free upgrade to bring all of those users of illegal copies into compliance with properly licensed versions. The biggest concern for China and many other countries and companies is that the Government Organizations have been forcing MS and other companies to share that user data when requested. This is more so about China wanting a home grown OS and creating a vacuum for that OS to grow.

    • Bugbog

      Likely the combination of On-Chip & Software boot security for Windows 8 doesn’t play well with the software the Chinese government uses for spying hence the “ban”.

  • dolco

    Russians,,,If you trust Russians then you are stupid.

    • ZloiYuri

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      • dolco

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        And what is irony, that Russia is exactly behave as Nazis in Germany. Including parade marches and annexation of parts of neighbor country.

        • ZloiYuri

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  • FreeDom

    Yes China market is huge but can China do without Windows when the rest of the world is using Windows? Can their businesses really stop using Windows and start to use their own in-house OS created by their gov? Don’t really think so.

    • Don’t fear the future

      Agreed. It’d be easier to lock-out certain features in Windows 9 that they find intrusive than it would be to re-write all of their legacy software for a different platform.

    • Tony Ceralva

      Then can switch to Ubuntu without any problem.

  • b4rtw

    Though decisions have to be made, I don’t quite see why this HAS to cause delays. Depends on the timing of those decisions. Think WZOR is a bit premature to come to these conclusions

  • Asgard

    “If Windows 9 is indeed off schedule this an extremely bad sign for Microsoft, as the new management is doing no better than the old management.”
    It IS late. MS was first releasing it late Q1/early Q2, now we are hearing Q3-Q4. If this is the case, it is even more important that MS gets new start menu and windowed Metro apps out in 8.2 or 8.3 release. We know that those features are at least almost ready and holding them back for one year makes no sense at all.

    • Stuart

      I wouldn’t call information based on rumours being “off schedule”, pretty much every major release of Windows I can think of had the beta program early in the year with the general release around August. If they released Windows 9 in 1H 2015 then that will be pushing it out faster than usual.

  • Joe_HTH

    “There is also speculation that China is unhappy with Microsoft’s decision to select Indian Satya Nadella as their new CEO. India and China have been historically competitive.”

    This is too silly to believe. Then again, it is China. As for the rest, I’m not believing some leaker who has little to no credibility.

    • Maminiaina R.

      It’s kinda silly indeed but to say the leaker has little to no credibility is silly too, considering the fact that he has leaked all the major version of Windows over the last few years. even before they were available on msdn….

    • ZloiYuri

      Your mom were silly to let your father cum inside and produced such moron

  • MarcMS

    “It is estimated that 75% of China still uses Windows XP with 90% using pirated copies of the OS”

    So, only 7,5 % of the Chinese market are MS customers using Win XP. No big deal.

  • HoppITUp

    Vast majority of XP in China is pirated, let them live with their pirated versions of XP.

  • Rod Iron

    It’s a bad sign for MS if they start bending over and kissing China’s ass! Grow a set and tell them to like it or lump it!

  • Ocelotty1

    It’s funny that much as I love Windows 8.1 and have it everywhere I never look at Metro, nor probably ever will. It is just like Win 7 on Steroids on the desktop

  • Ocelotty1

    I’ve used Win 8 since Beat (Very happily; after I kicked it in the nads a few times – Fixed the broken bits) but I’ve never used the interface formerly known as Metro even on my Surface Pro – so no loss then if Win 9 doesn’t have it

    • NGM123

      You don’t know what your missing, the Metro touch UI is nothing short of spectacular, it makes the W7 interface seem archaic on the Surface.

  • tomakali

    Metro should not be an Interface..
    it should have been a desktop.
    replacing static icons on desktop with interactive tile…

  • kalo88

    If almost everyone in China uses a pirated copy of Windows then the market for them isn’t actually that big as no one is buying anything.