Rumor: Microsoft Surface Mini To Come With Air Gesture Support, 1080p Screen And More

Surface Mini Concept Render
Surface Mini Concept Render

We all know that Microsoft is working on smaller version of Surface device to be released next year. There were several reports in the past which confirmed the same, but the details on the device are yet to be confirmed. Some reports said that the device will have 8.3 inch 1080p display, while some reported that it will have 7.5-inch 1080p device. Some reports said that the device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Today, WPDang reported that Surface Mini will come with 8” 1080p display and Intel Bay Trail CPU running full Windows 8.1. They also reported that an ARM version of the same may be in the works. Surface Mini will include some new Kinect like technology that will be able to recognize people’s faces, human hand gestures and more. I’m more skeptical about this Kinect like somatosensory technology baked in Surface mini, but we have to wait till Q1 2014 to get final details on the tablet.

Source: WPDang

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  • hyperthermia

    If its intel baytrail with surface design then we have a absolute winner in this product. I hope they find ways to have support for great keyboard typing in this mini gem.

    • Joe_HTH

      It’s not going to be, nor should it. Traditional Windows will always be shit on a tablet. You don’t believe me, go use a Windows 7 tablet and read the reviews for them.
      It will be Windows RT as that is a far better tablet experience than full Windows.

  • counterblow

    maybe a Mini Pro, but there should be a Surface Mini that is ARM…x86 in a tablet that small is useless, the Desktop is tiny for trying to run legacy apps.

    • VHMP01

      Mini HDMI Out? USB? Great mobility! At least would be able to run older versions of legacy apps.

    • CX1

      I would gladly opt for an 8″ x86. I find the 10.1 Surface awkward in most hand held situations.

      • counterblow

        using legacy apps while handheld…even more ridiculous

        • Eingoluq

          Weren’t there 7″ netbooks in the past? I recall Sony having a pretty tiny 8″ netbook that can fit in a purse with Vista. Also You are not thinking out of the box. @8″ you have a tablet that can connect to a larger monitor to get a full desktop experience.

          • Joe_HTH

            Yes, but they weren’t tablets that you use with your fingers.

          • Eingoluq

            What? I responded to @counterblow:disqus’s comment about using the desktop on a device that size. Those devices not being touch capable has nothing to do with the point I was making. Review and understand.

          • counterblow

            it was useless too.

          • nilchak

            Should I be carrying the monitor along as a “mobile” device along with the tablet ?

            Just cause it satisfies one use case, doesn’t make it any better.

      • Bugbog

        I ‘hear’ you (BTW the Surface is 10.6″). I love my Surface (RT) but it doesn’t, unfortunately, facilitate long-term comic/magazine/web portrait reading. Each time (when held one-handed) it starts off great, then you start passing it to and fro, then using both hands, then kind of give up!

        Since Microsoft decided not to release the Surface Mini this year (whether due to time, or to give the OEM’s or Intel a chance), I went and got the Dell Venue 8 Pro. In the [almost] one week since I’ve gotten it I’ve already read more comics on it than I’ve done using my Surface in the last 6 months! The screen is great (even with the auto-brightness enabled), although not as fantastic as the L1520! :) And although, for some reason, I’d have still preferred an ARM model, I’m just ignoring the x86 part of it.

        One thing that I never came across in any of the reviews of the device I’ve read is that it has a battery indicator light! Which comes on and turns orange when the charge is very low, is whitish-blue when charging, and goes out when fully charged!

        Very nice feature, and a very nice device. And even though Dell didn’t really add any qualitative apps/features to their device, Microsoft will still have to up their own game if they wish to get a look-in next year

  • Adam

    I read the article, and it doesn’t seem to me that they imply a bay trail device at all, just that it will be size of current bay trail 8″ devices. Sorry to burst the bubble.

  • jaylyric

    It will be a game changer for sure if this is true. Solid build quality,smooth operation,and kinetic type sensor technology would be awesome and definitely a differentiator..

  • BIAS

    I’m not a tablet person. All I need is a bezel-less 5.5″ display WP with on screen keys, a laptop and an Xbox with a 50″ tv attached to it and I’m good. Now if only that phone could be unbreakable….

    • Ben A


  • chfhyh

    sorry., but it is going to be arm not bay trail

  • Guest

    Interesting, I didn’t even know MSFT was still selling their Surfaces!

    • cb3431

      They claim to be, but you can’t find them anywhere with stock available.

  • iamwarpath

    Put a GPS chip in there!

  • Avatar Roku

    1080p not great for portrait use. 1920×1200 would be better and same aspect ratio as all the 8″ Windows tablets.

  • Cruncher

    Hopefully this Baytrail rumour turns out to be wrong. I would prefer a Snapdragon 800 by far due to performance advantage and better virus protection.
    Also you are seeing Baytrail devices left and right at many different price points. What is missing is an 8 inch ARM device as alternative option.

    • Ben A


  • Joe_HTH

    “Today, WPDang reported that Surface Mini will come with 8” 1080p display and Intel Bay Trail CPU running full Windows 8.1. They also reported that an ARM version of the same may be in the works.”

    LOL! Bullshit! Microsoft is now going to release two difference Surface Mini tablets, one with full Windows and one with RT. That would be stupid. The Surface Mini will be an RT device, and no sane person wants to run full Windows on an 8″ device. Then again, I don’t think any sane person wants to run full Windows on a tablet period. Traditional Windows desktop and desktop software is crap on a tablet. It wasn’t made for touch, doesn’t have the UI for touch, and even with a stylus it’s tolerable at best. It’s bloated, more resource intensive, and worse battery life than RT. You have to run antivirus on a full Windows tablet, and nobody with a clear mind wants to deal with that and all of the other Windows issues. Even at that, there are only about a half dozen Windows desktop programs I’d ever want to use on a tablet.

    Regardless, Windows RT is a far better tablet experience. If you want full Windows 8, get a laptop.

    • Derrick Ford

      Full Blown Windows works fine on my Surface Pro 2! The way I look at it – this will be MS final test for RT… Should they offer both Full and RT for the Mini’s – Surface Mini Pro (Full) / Surface Mini (RT). Then the consumer will decide if RT will die, especially if the price points are comparable. Quite frankly if the price’s are near the same – ONE WOULD HAVE TO BE AN IDIOT TO CHOOSE THE RT VERSION!!!

  • Tim

    Yes, adopting an Intel processor is the only right way to go for tablets. Personally, I would never buy an ARM tablet, no matter how good it is or how cheap it is. Why? I want to have the option of using Windows desktop applications on my tablet.
    BUT a tablet must have 4 GB of RAM and at least 64 GB of storage. 4 GB of RAM because Windows and many Windows apps need that. 64 GB of storage because Windows and basic apps already take a big part of that.