Rumor: Microsoft To Announce Its Own Tablet On Monday

Yesterday, Microsoft surprised everyone by inviting the press for a major announcement at LA. A rumor is now spreading all over the web  that Microsoft is going to release its own tablet hardware at LA. And ATD speculates that the announcement will be related to Windows tablets. There are even rumors that Microsoft may release a e-reader/content consumption only device in partnership with B&N.

What do you think? Does Microsoft needs its own tablet hardware?

Source: All Things D , The Wrap

  • Mark Matheson

    It would be a much more powerful impact having an MS branded tablet than HTC, Samsung or even Nokia but it would have to be an equivalent or better spec to the current iPad to be taken seriously.

    Do we need another eReader? Probably not but MS will be wanting their OS in that pie too so it wouldn’t surprise me if one appeared anyway.

  • Anonymous



    And no bloatware!

  • Anonymous

    if it does announce its own hardware, I’d be the happiest man on planet earth…

    M$ FTW !!

  • Anonymous

    If I recall, there are currently only 3 RT OEMs, so it is possible that they are ready to deploy, which may then give the RT tablets a head start against the x86 tablets later on this year!

  • Anonymous

    I highly doubt MS would announce their own hardware. My guess would be that they will be announcing a Nokia branded tablet or something along the lines of announcing that Nokia would be their main hardware partner in tablets. If we look at their SmartGlass ads from E3 and other ads of WP, there is Lumia in every single ad. Nokia is already their main WP hardware, making Nokia their main tablet hardware makes sense. But I don’t think we will be seeing any tablets just yet.

  • Peter

    I didn’t buy any of these toys (iPads) and craps (Android) tablets and was waiting for Windows all this time. If the rumour is true I can’t be happier than this.

    Originally I wanted to go ith Dell tablet after release of Windows 8 but if Microsoft have it’s own then I will but Microsoft tablet and it will be my first choice.

    Just have to wait and see specification. I will go with intel CPU instead of ARM to have full functionalit will all new and old softwares.

    But if this is true then it is time to be excited! :)

  • Anonymous

    MS has bought Nokia.

    • rsgx

      Nope, wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll tell you this if this is true and has the same build quality and design as the Zune HD I’ll be the first in line to get one. I just hope thy don’t call it the “X-Pad” I’m guessing it will be smaller than the iPad a be in more of line with the Kindle Fire.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s the revival of Courier like you have pictured there, I’m all over it!

  • Njoi Fontes

    while this would make me very happy indeed, i seriously doubt Microsoft would release its own tablet as it would seriously hurt its relationship with all tablet makers that have already commited to Windows 8.

    • Sake

      Why? Google/Android and Samsung/HTC/Sony/ASUS are getting along just fine AFAIK

  • matt

    MS xPad.  Oh hell yeah!!

  • Fdaf31

    No, it may be big chunk of Nokia shares got bought as like Barnes deal. Goldman has someone on Rimms board now so that means a breakup of that company.

  • rsgx

    Definitely making their own tablet.

  • Rubehu

    Esta es una buena forma de promover windows 8. me parece excelente

    • Zardoz75

      Soy alergico a los crustaceos

  • Jevon Jones

    Give us the Courier with better specs the the I-pad it could be co-built by both Nokia and Microsoft with the Microsoft branding

  • Harvey

    BAM!!!  And just like that, the Zune player is back on the scene.  This time with backup and a new name.  An MS branded, iPod nano sized, WinRT dedicated music player called Xbox Music player…or something like that.  A MS branded e-reader type device (to get at Kindle).  A MS branded tablet (made by Nokia) and a MS branded ultrabook (made by Samsung).

    Well, a brother can dream can’t he…. LOL

  • Mr Iisang

    Maybe it could be an ipad competitor along with something tgor rival apples “i books” barns & nobles being the supplier of all books and taking pre- undergraduate – phd education by storm. That would be insane. If it is i called it :)

  • J A

    Yes, they need an MS branded tablet with the Windows logo right in the middle similar to the competitor. However, the right strategy will be to partner with each OEM for a delivery of an MS tablet, each with its own unique offering such as size, etc.

  • Oliver Mills

    What are your thoughts on the Windows 8 Release Preview? I love it, but there are a few things that annoy me… Read my thoughts here:

  • Anonymous

    No speculations, let’s wait Monday and hear from the horses own mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Please dont be a tablet!  How about the new slate or panel TV they keep talking about?