Rumor: Microsoft Windows 9 RTM In October This Year, Not In April 2015

Last week, we posted about a report from Paul on Winsupersite claiming that Windows 9 codenamed Threshold will be released in April 2015. He also added that Windows ‘Threshold’ might be called Windows 9 when it gets released and Microsoft is thinking to move away from Windows 8 brand to market it better. Windows 9 will include some major fixes to the Metro design language. Today, WZor on Twitter claimed that Microsoft will RTM Windows 9 in October this year which I think is too early.

He particularly claimed that Windows 9 RTM will be released on October 21st of this year. I hope this rumor becomes true! ! Microsoft might provide us a glimpse on Windows 9 at BUILD conference later this year.

Source: WZor

  • Victor Who

    Unless Windows 9 actually improves the desktop experience, than I don’t see the need for Microsoft to raise the version one integer. If this is a gimmick to try to save the PC, it’s not going to work.


    The consumer market for personal computing has changed. People have realized that they can get work done without a PC, especially with “free-mium” software. Unless Microsoft is will to go that route, then I doubt anything will change.

    What Microsoft needs to do, is make Metro a secondary “option” for Windows, because let’s face it….the masses hate tiles. Second, Windows needs to be free or sell for a ridiculous low price… $20? I always think that Microsoft should sell a “free version” of Windows and just charge for additional components.

    • Wtechrover

      The PC does not have to be saved. It will stay with us for a long time.
      Hardware is getting replaced already and first signs show growth.
      Also MS has the best position in the hybrid market. As a Senior in IT projects I see hybrids are booming in business in EMEA. And yes let’s face it..the masses love live tiles (don’t confuse it with the uninformed/traditional part of the desktop masses) Lots of US citizens just need a bit of European common sense 😉

    • frankwick

      Win9 will allow metro apps to run windowed on the desktop environment. Plus, there will be a more traditional style start menu. The core of Win 8.1 is really fantastic so I assume they can devote their time to the UI. This sounds like a major UI overhaul to me. Some are calling it Metro 2.0.

      • cybersaurusrex

        I think you’re right. Since most of the changes will be cosmetic, the upgrade may come much sooner than if they were doing a lot of work underneath the hood.

      • CyberAngel

        Buy the cheap Stardock MixedMode ($4.99) an you can have windowed Modern UI apps in Windows 8.0/8.1

        • Asgard

          Yeah. Its extremely funny that Android fans does not have problems with the OS because “we can customize it”. You can also customize Windows. And this proves my point. Big masses doesnt want to “customize”, they want stuff that just works.

    • cybersaurusrex

      Consumers don’t hate tiles. The complaints about Windows 8 are because Metro was clumsy with a keyboard and mouse… but on tablets, people love the tiles and Windows 8 shines.

      Even so, I don’t disagree that the consumer PC market has changed. Most people do not need a desktop PC or laptop at home anymore. And, yes, that has taken a bite out of growth for the traditional PC market. However, in the enterprise, I think there’s a huge market for Windows 8 tablets & hybrids, and that we’ll gradually see this as a very lucrative business for Microsoft.

      Has Microsoft lost the consumer market altogether? Not yet. Though, granted, they need to find a way to break into the consumer tablet/mobile market. Also, There will always be a segment of the population (like myself) who still like the power of a full-blown PC… it’s just that we won’t be upgrading them as often. I don’t think the PC is dead by any stretch of the imagination though. We still need them (particularly Windows) to get real work done.

    • NGM123

      What’s your phone number? I’ll get Ballmer to give you a call.

  • frankwick

    Makes sense. October is usually a release date for new versions of Windows.

  • CyberAngel

    RTM = Release To Manufacture version will NOT be released in this year (2014)
    under ANY circumstances!

    • NGM123

      How about adding IMO to your statement.
      You might be right, but you don’t know shit so stop stating your opinions as fact.

      • Guest

        No it is a fact, there is analytical and historical data points that support the fact.

        Just because you do not like a fact it does not make it less true. Only a complete ignorant would behave that way. I am sure your not so stop acting as one.

        • NGM123

          Again wondo, you are only guessing, and you may be guessing right, but supply the proof or stop waffling theory as fact

          • Guest

            You was asked nicely not to be “that guy” yet you insist.

            So very sad…

          • NGM123

            Supply fact or go cry me a river

  • SategB

    If true, and my research says its questionable at best, it does reflect how poorly W8 is doing in market and how desperate MSFT is to move past it.

    Windows 8 is Ballmer’s perfect analogy for his years at Microsoft as CEO; failure.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Windows 8 isn’t a failure, and the system as it’s now could work way better with 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, and 8.5… Etc. the worst Microsoft could do now is giving up on what they took so many years to build, without Windows 8.X Windows Phone 8.X won’t progress.

      • GuestSGate

        MSFT is going to rename build 8.1 Windows 9 because 8 has such a negative market acceptance, just as they had to do with renaming Vista as Window 7.

        And please don’t bring up Windows Phone, that late to market mistake is going to cost the company almost as much as the Bing and XBox loses. Remember the only way Nokia had to kept from going bankrupt was to unload the device devision on to MSFT.

  • Asgard

    RTM and “release” are two different things. RTM means they give it to the OEMs. And as was case with 8.1, the general release would be quite much later. And shortly after release there were “SP1” equivalent released. Maybe this time they wait until they can release the SP1 equivalent on top of the RTM to get best possible reviews.
    I dont think they even need a specific release date. They need to do it ASAP.

  • donzebe

    October makes sense, windows 8 came with a lot of Negative reviews from the press / analyst and this has follow it to windows 8.1. Even though windows 8.1 is picking up in sales, Windows 9 coming soon with free up grade for windows 8 / 8.1 user might help boost the sales of windows even more given the media / analyst do not start picking on Microsoft before it is even release.

  • redtidal

    Well, an Oct RTM probably means a holiday release to customers.

    8″ RT tablet!