Rumor: Microsoft Working on Windows 8.1 Update 3

As we get closer to the release of Windows 8.1 Update 2 new rumors have come to light. Microsoft enthusiast FaiKee has revealed new information based on his discussions with a Chinese source.  It appears Microsoft may be working on an Update 3 for Windows 8.1 (may be called Windows 8.2) to succeed Windows 8.1 Update 2.

Small info update, take it as a rumor – it’s still quite far away, and plans could change anyway : :)

Windows Codename Blue -> Windows 8.1 Updates 1/2/3, Update3 expected 2015 Spring.

Windows Codename Threshold -> Windows 8.1.x or 8.x , or whatever MS would name it, there will be 1 preview, expected 2015 Q2~Q3

Windows Codename 9 -> Windows 9 , or whatever MS would name it, there will be 2 previews, first preview expected 2015 Q2~Q3.

This rumor does add fuel to the fire that Windows 9 may already be off schedule. Mary-Jo Foley has stated she disagrees with this rumor and continues to hear Windows 9 will be released by Spring 2015.

If we look at Microsoft historically, the company would regularly release service pack to its operating systems. With the exception of SP2 for WinXP, service packs contained mostly under-the-hood a little in terms of new features. When Steven Sinofsky took the Windows division he stopped the practice of releasing multiple service packs. Only one service pack was released for Windows 7.  With Windows 8 no service packs have been released. Instead every month a significant amount of windows updates are released. A new OS, Windows 8.1 was released a year later. Windows 8.1 Update 1 could have been called Windows 8.2, but in many ways it was similar to a service pack that also contained some new features.

Terry Myerson may be wanting to go back to a time where service packs (or something similar to them in the form of “Updates”) are released more regularly. Therefore while I disagree with Faikee’s timeline slightly, I still think it is interesting and it is plausible an Update 3 (or called Windows 8.2) could be in the works. Likely to appear within a quarter (earlier or later) of the release of Windows 9.

If indeed Windows 9 is already a quarter off schedule that is extremely concerning, but I’m going to cross my fingers and hope it is not true for the time being.

h/t: FaiKee


  • Asgard

    if we have first preview of 9 in q2-q3, we will have second preview q3-q4 and release q4-q1/2016. Which makes sense if we have 8.2 q2-q3, which is very disappointing and would mean Windows 9 full year late of original schedule. I hope this is simply bad info.

    • NITSUK

      Agree, Hope Microsoft also aims to do Windows Phone 9 release at the same time assuming they are sticking with the plan of further unification under same ecosystem

  • danwat1234

    Hopefully update 3 will change explorer.exe so it has full support for file paths longer than 255 characters! I hat having to use totalcommander to manipulate deeply nest files and folders. Why can’t explorer do this? NTFS supports file paths of something like 16,000 characters.

    Also hopefully explorer.exe will get proper units, such as GB and GiB so on a 1TB drive, explore will show it as 1TB not 931GB, it should be labelled as 1TB , 931GiB…

    But alas I doubt Microsoft will update Explorer for some time.

  • ncgmac

    Microsoft is in a strategic and tactical mess. Their attempt at creating a hybrid market has been tepid at best. Their surface computers, while good quality, cost higher than the mainstream is willing to pay, and 3rd party vendors are seeing more sales of standard laptops and tablets over hybrids. Not to mention the investment it takes to change around manufacturing.
    Microsoft has said they will be leaning more towards a Windows Phone 8 type mobile experience, and a Windows desktop for the desktop, but with apps able to run on all platforms in the future. That is great, but another hurdle because the current Modern UI just does not have all the API functionality it needs to compete with iOS, Android, or even its own desktop legacy programs.
    Windows 9, ideally will be turning all this around. To think though that it will happen on a dime is a little too optimistic. People are still on Windows XP, and they are content to be on Windows 7. Microsoft’s best moves are to mature Windows 8.x and get modern UI 2.0, or whatever number, out there and in the developers hands first. Those new apps can easily be supported with an update to current Windows 8.x phone or pc. Then roll out Windows 9. Even if it takes another 3 years, most companies will still be running or rolling out Windows 7, and most users will be happy to remain on what is working. It will also buy them time to possibly look at a high performance desktop replacement type surface, should they decide to double down on the hardware.