Rumor: Microsoft Working To Scale Up WP8 To 7″ And Scale Down Windows RT To 8.4″

Few days back, WMPoweruser reported about a mysterious ZTE Windows Phone device with 5.9inch screen. Many doubted whether Windows Phone 8 can scale to such high resolutions with app compatibility. Now, we have another rumor from @MS_Nerd about this matter. It seems Microsoft is working on two fronts in bringing Windows based device with screen sizes ranging from 5-inch to less than 10-inch.
These 7-inch device is expected to have stylus support and include IE and Reader as well.
ZTE Blade 8: WP8 counts 3 pixels as 2. MSFT adding stylus support in OneNote, IE & Reader. Figuring out how to reach 7″ size with WP or RT.
Another project with select members of Surface & Nook teams, using RT on a 8.4″ screen exploring it from the other side, no stylus yet.
What do you think? You prefer Windows Phone OS on 7-inch or Windows RT on 7-inch?
  • tN0

    Either WP8 nor Windows RT have stylus support at the moment. So this could also be about the Xbox Surface running on a special Windows core.

    • FXi

      But a stylus is coming with the Surface Pro, so it will be supported in 3 months or less.

      • peterfares

        Windows 8 supports stylus, Windows RT doesn’t (yet, who knows if it will)

  • Sorawit Pai

    I hope this is true. It’s just so entertaining seeing MS tries to catch up with Apple and Google.

  • iamwarpath

    I wouldn’t carry both at 7 inches. I can see myself with a Note II sized WP8 and a 7″-8″ RT. If they made a Windows RT at the same size as a WP8, people wouldn’t buy one of the devices. MS would most likely stop the making of the lesser selling device.

  • Imperial Dynamics

    even if we don’t see a 7-inch wp device, i’m sure we’ll see 5+ ones. So Microsoft really needs to implement landscape support in the homescreen

    • NegLewis

      There is a 5.8” WP Device from …

      saw it on internet…

  • Breakingillusions

    i hope its true they need to release 7inch tablets to compete with google nexus 7 and ipad mini Microsoft should not let google and apple even breath in tablet market or smartphone market

  • jabtano

    I could and would use something along the size of the NoteII in fact I’ve been debating getting it on T-MO. I may hold now good news to read but it would really need to work in landscape.

  • NegLewis

    W8 RT/PRO will support a lot of resolutions, CPU’s ++
    WP8 too.

    If they are expanding WP8 to more than 5” then Charms!Charms! Charms! Charms! Charms! must be involved.
    If they are Lowering W8 resolutions then WP8 Apps should run as well… and well.

    Why not the same Charm Based interface on WP8 (9) and Add support in W8 for WP7/8 Apps? It’s just an update in .Net Framework. A single big Merge.

    W8 has those 16×9 Left/Right Split Screens. THERE is the natural place to live for a WP 7/8/9 App.
    There would not be 3 apps (WP8 W8 RT/PRO) when .Net framework is so great. When all share the same kernel…

  • Zicoz

    At the 7″ size I want Windows RT not WP. And that’s where the Xbox Surface will come in aswell.

  • FXi

    Well I’d love to see a Windows version of the Tab 7.7, but that size seems to be directly excluded with these sizes. Assuming the resolution works I’d prefer Windows RT, but I use and love Windows phone, so that would do as well. Either would be ok.

    • NGM123

      Waited for the surface but cannot justify the price, I would rather buy a laptop. So, tonight was considering purchasing a Nexus 7 instead at the half the price which has just been upgraded to 16BB base model. I would however buy a W8 7″ tab if it was competitive, hurry up MS !!!

      • Croc Ography

        I already did that. I too looked at the Surface RT and my Win7.5 phone but then went out and bought a Nexus 7. The 7″ tablet is just the perfect size for always carrying with me for note taking and reading. So far I have found the Nexus 7 an amazing buy. But if a company brings out a 7″ RT tablet I will probably end up getting that one.

  • Pookiewood

    Playbook-ish hardware with RT or WP8. I’ll take 2!

  • hardcode

    Why would anyone buy more than 5″ phone? I think WP < 5" < W8 RT/Pro. Again pro should be more than 10", because it has the desktop!