Rumor: Unified Windows And Windows Phone Store Coming Only In Spring 2015

Windows StoreWe all know that Microsoft is planning to unify the Windows OS and Windows Phone OS sometime in the future. While most of us were expecting it happen soon, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley today reported some information on the timing on when it will happen. According to her report, Microsoft is expected to deliver a major Windows release in the Spring of 2015 which will be a unified OS combining Windows Phone OS and Windows OS. Also the unified Windows Store is expected in the same time frame.

She also reported some information on how Microsoft will move forward with Windows Phone OS and Windows RT for 7 inch to 10 inch devices.

Right now, Microsoft has two ARM-based Windows operating systems: The Windows Phone OS and the Windows RT OS. The thinking is these will be one by Spring 2015. Because it tends to be easier to take a “smaller” OS and add to it than to take a larger one and remove features from it, it’s likely that the Windows Phone OS is the one on top of which the new operating systems group will build. The recent rumor (courtesy of Windows SuperSite’s Paul Thurrott) about the Windows Phone OS being modified to support 7 to 10-inch screen sizes makes sense in this context.

It wouldn’t surprise me if by 2015 Microsoft calls whatever is powering smartphones, phablets and tablets plain-old Windows, given the interfaces, the development platforms and the core OSes will continue to align further.

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Source: ZDNET

  • Sunovavic

    This is kinda stupid…. they should atleast allow WP apps to run on W8. I would like to play O&C on windows 8!

    • ner9y

      That would be a good start.

    • Ben A

      I don’t think you understand, we got some solid indicators that the Windows Store unification was coming for Sprint 2014. This was the big under-the-hood feature for WP 8.1. And then we learned that Windows 8/RT would do a point release in Spring 2014 to match the Store changes.

      It could be that Spring 2014 update Windows Phone 8.1/Windows 8.1 GDR 1 for Windows/RT is phase1 of this unification, which would align with the API overlap comments we have heard. Currently there is 33% overlap between WP and Windows 8.RT APIs. By next year this should increase to over 70% (likely as part of the Spring 2014 release). Maybe the rumbles you are hearing about 2015 is phase 2 where the API overlap meets or approaches 100%

    • Ben A

      Basiclally in English Windows GDR update Phase 2 for 2015 Windows RT would be killed and replaced with fully mobile phablet/tablet windows phone powered = new mobile os name and whole windows is fully unified including the xbox os (xbox one) with special apps for it.

    • donzebe

      Not sure how that will work without a unified market place.

  • donzebe

    Finalising the unification process by Spring of 2015 make for sense.

  • Ben A

    Windows is fully Unified by 2015. As bill gates wanted nearly 30 years ago.
    since its best 2015 why? because it matches, Microsoft would be 40 years anniversary (1975) and Microsoft windows would have 30 years because it was launched back in 1985 (officially November 1985). that also makes total sense.

    • Guest

      Should have happened much earlier. The writing was on the wall since iPhone and especially iPad that MS needed to unify their various OSs. The WP team spent most of a year just moving to the same kernel. And now it’s going to take another year and half – and even that’s a best case scenario since the same report says they’re rethinking basically everything across WP, WinRT, W8, and Xbox OS?

      • Ben A

        I said the unification with mobile starts at phase 1 2014. with windows rt and windows phone store unifying similar way to ios and androids have been unifed mobile os, 2015 the OS will blend together as one fully unifed, with xbox os and windows rt and windows and windows phone. I should have been earlier but its a good start foundation back in 2012 with windows 8. This phase 2, is bigger than what Apple and Google is doing now, since they still have mac os x seprate and ios seprate and apple tv cant even run ios apps even tough it runs ios, for Google chrome os and android are seprarte they done even work together like windows phone 8 and windows 8 do even though these system are not unified yet, but shared code unlike chrome os and android os. so I believe Microsoft are working very hard in this unification, its not all talk. write once run everywhere is their goal by 2015.

  • BeefNeeg

    Do it now!

  • CX1

    Sad how long its taking to implement this.

    • Ben A

      better than never or 10 years time. Blame steven Steven Sinofsky for his hiccups with the unification of windows back in the windows 8 development.

  • NegLewis

    First thing MS needs to do is to plan ahead. In 5 years a new CPU Architecture will emerge from the labs – some quantum computing platform that will make all OS’s obsolete.
    MS needs a PHY Framework. ARM, x86, 64, x96, x128 ( :) quantum). ++ other architectures.
    Then MS needs a SINGLE .Net framework not only for C/C++/C#… but for Java, Perl, Python…Objective C…
    Then MS needs to have a single-unified-design language for all it’s products: Web, Cloud, Desktop, Phone, Device…
    But the most important thing is to address the OS UI Design problems: Resolution, DPI, Fonts, Styles by creating a responsive interface that will automatically(or manual) handle each and every Device(A.I. declarative interfaces for apps)

    P.S. MS! PLEASE allow us to run WP apps in those split Screens W8 has….

    • Ben A

      all of you metioned will be there on future versions of windows. this shows windows fully unifed, the store is not only thing will be unifed, the whole operating system, the kernel and framework and everything, I mean everything will be fully unified windows in the next 2-5 years. the future of windows is unified. but not every code language is going to be available because of the different windows runtime, but you might be right, it gets more matured and will ad even more codes. Microsoft has great software and hardware engineers so I would not underestimate them, they know what they are trying to accomplish into a proper powerful unified windows.

  • mateole17

    If this is true R.I.P. Windows Phone

    • Ben A

      why, because you are worried you would need a new windows phone, it wont support current windows phone 8 devices, a repeat of wp7.8 update, no that’s CE short days of windows phones are gone, the kernel transition is done. don’t be pathetic. heard of the new windows 8 core, nt kernel with windows phone 8 would be upgradable to any future windows phone update.

      • mateole17

        Although your pathetic response was cute it made assumptions that aren’t true. I’m not in the least bit worried about buying a new device. Unlike you I have a job and get at least one new phone a year. I actually welcome new hardware. The problem is Microsoft is moving at a snails pace. They are never going to catch up with apps as long as both plattforms are separate. Like it or not this is the world we live in and if WP doesn’t have the apps that Android and ios have consumers are not going to switch.

  • Gareth

    This is good… and yes I was not a believer in unified platform at first but once you use Surface RT app and Windows 8 app that are synced over devices, look at Cloud Notes+ and some other apps for examples… you start to see the true benefit of your apps everywhere, any time and on any device. I guess these changes can’t come quick enough really?