Rumor: Windows 9 Release In Q2-Q3 2015, To Include Metro UI And Cortana Updates

Windows 9 Release date

A new rumor emerged online today reveals some information about the Microsoft’s future product roadmap. The information is believed to be from a Microsoft employee who worked on these projects. It reveals that the next major version of Windows called Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9 will be released in preview during Q2-Q3 time frame in 2015. Also, this update will include the following improvements/features,

  • One User Experience
  • Cloud Services
  • Metro UI
  • System protection(Windows Defender)
  • Validation Improved(Windows activation)
  • OneDrive
  • Cortana

While we have no information on what the above list means, we can probably guess Microsoft is working on improving them. Read more about it from the link below.

Source: Myce

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  • DH Dog

    Let’s hope they’ll upgrade ALL WP8 devices to WP9

    • Orc

      More important is that both WP8 and WP9 can run the same apps. We don’t know what WP9 will bring to the table. But it would be nice if WP8 could be upgraded to WP9. But if it won’t it would be for a reason that benefits the consumer in the long run.

      • DH Dog

        I think it will be good for all devices. I’m seeing WP9 as a RT + WP8.1

        • Cruncher

          I doubt that WP will have anywhere near the features of Windows in next year’s timeframe.

          • DH Dog

            WP8.1 was a big surprise. MS has the money and resources to do it, nothing can stop them for not doing it.

          • Cruncher

            But seeing as there are different teams developing WP and Windows on a different code base on a different feature roadmap it seems logical that WP will always be behind, even if they gradually merge code from the Windows code base.
            At least it does not look like a fast process in particular if you consider how much effort it took them to integrate parts of the Windows Kernel into the Windows Phone code base.

          • Stuart

            I think it will, they have had Windows RT running on Snapdragon processors since November 2013 so I’d hope that in another 12-18 months they can add the phone stack, Cortana and allow Windows Phone apps to run on there.

  • Mo Farnsworth

    Looks fake… Gamini?

    • Emi the Strange

      well every month there is a new rumor about Win9, remember some even said it would be released this year and all that made up stuff… so this is pretty much fake, and even if it was real, you can’t trust it because next month there will be a new “Rumor: Windows 9 may be released in january/february/q4/etc 2015”

      • deathdealer351

        Although q2 2015 is about on track. I think they are going turbo with product releases

    • Malcolm Williams

      Faikee is legit. Period

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Wait, is this windows 9 or windows phone 9. I am confused. And metro UI, I thought this term was banned by microsoft due to copyright issues. Are the rumours true then, because of this flaw in the data?