Rumour: Microsoft Surface coming to Australia October 26th via national retail chain


WPDownunder reports on a tip from “an impeccable source” that Microsoft will not be sticking to their Microsoft Store-only policy for distributing the Microsoft Surface in Australia.

Apparently Microsoft is in negotiations with a major Australian retail partner to distribute the Windows 8 tablets in stores nationwide,  which should suite a country as big as Australia very well.

Also apparently the devices will hit Australian stores on October 26th, the same date as USA, and given Australia’s position this means they will be getting their hands on the tablets before anyone else in the world.

Unfortunately no pricing has been released, but WPDownunder expects it to be competitive with the iPad rather than with the Google Nexus.

Read more at WPDownUnder here.

Thanks gh8421 for the tip.

  • Mulligrubs30


  • Bugbog

    Hope it’s a similar process afforded to other countries too.

  • kalval

    That would be amazing! I’ll be there on the 26th at whichever retailer it ends up being. I suspect JB Hifi will get it, they seem to have fairly good Microsoft product coverage.

    • Max Brewer

      I sure hope it’s JB! If they do what HP did, and go with Harvey Norman, they might as well shoot themself in the FOOT!