Rumoured details of next Xbox leaked?


CVG reports that XBox World Magazine may be about to leak all the details of the next Xbox console in their next issue.

In their £4.99 issue they claim the Xbox code named Durango dev kit boast a CPU with "four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores" and an impressive 8GB of RAM; will feature 4 player, finger-tracking Kinect, Directional Sound, Blu-ray support, TV input and output (like Google TV), an ‘innovative controller’ and at a later stage of the console’s life – Augmented Reality glasses.

Editor in chief Dan Dawkins told CVG: "Xbox World has been at the cutting edge of Durango coverage for over 12 months. Unless something really dramatic changes, everything we reveal in our penultimate issue will be revealed long before E3 in June."

To read the full 8-page feature, buy the latest issue of Xbox World online or on Apple Newsstand here (UK) or here (US).

Do our readers think a console with those specs and features can still compete in these days of cheap smartphone and tablet games? Let us know below.


  • Suzuhara

    People still love their hardcore graphics and big TVs. I’m sure it’ll be a hit!

  • ExactTriump

    This design doesn’t resemble anything that Microsoft has produced recently. Round corners? Don’t think so. That’s completely the opposite of what I believe Microsoft would produce. Look at their Modern UI, nothing but sharp edges. Sure this is software, but ones hardware should reflect its software. Surface on the other hand, a hardware product produced by Microsoft, does this perfectly. Slick, sharp edges, on a beautiful design.

    No extremely rounded crap. I actually wouldn’t buy this if it was true just because it is so extremely ugly.

  • Tips_y

    Looks like a thick iPhone! /shudder.

  • Max

    I bet it won’t look like this.

    • mic

      Ha nice avatar. Grüße von einem Karlsruher 😉

      • Max

        Gruß zurück aus Eislingen :)

  • textomatic

    I think it’s getting harder for Microsoft to justify charging for Xbox Live Gold. If they don’t sweeten the deal or remove the charge for online gaming people might choose Sony or Nintendo instead. Personally I feel online gaming should not be a premium feature especially since the other consoles offer it for free.

    • nabberuk

      I strongly disagree with this, look how often the other platforms get updates (not very often). That’s because they don’t spend the money on it like MS do.

    • N1NJ4K1LL3R

      Sony is on its seventh straight quarterly loss and fourth straight annual loss. Free online play is coming to an end.

  • nabberuk

    Guys, don’t fall for this. There is no new information in this “new leak”, its the same info that was leaked in the slide back in June. Just look for it on the verge.
    This is clearly just a money making scheme, I surely hope Ms-news aren’t involved.

  • freeiam

    This is the end of Microsoft

  • hysonmb

    I don’t put any credence in leaks. MS will eventually release the information so there’s no need in getting wound up with the rumor mill.
    The document that was leaked a while ago gave an idea of where MS wanted to go with the next generation but all of those details are subject to change at this point. Until the hardware is in a box on the shelf, it’s all guesses.

  • the person

    sorry thats a chop….you can’t put a DVD in a slot that small.

    • John Hough

      Well you could if the console, in relation to that dvd slot, was the size of a VCR 😉

      • the person

        Ok I’ll give you that, but I think people have already voted with their dollars that they don’t want something the size of a PS3 fatty.

  • FAKE

    It’s so fake it shouldn’t even be here…

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    No… MS would never do a design like this. Never! It looks like something a 15 year old iphone fan would have done.

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    “Do our readers think a console with those specs and features can still compete in these days of cheap smartphone and tablet games? Let us know below.”
    Ehhh… YES! What kinda question is that. It’s like asking if a Mercedes, Volvo or a BMW can compete with a bike or a buss. the Xbox has changed Tv and gaming in the US and it will continue to grow. Theres plent of good building room towards more tv integration and so forth. That and the fact that the games become more and more insane… Consoles will always rule gaming!

  • Rick Villafuerte Gonzales

    this is no an xbox, this is a shitty apple tv with make up

  • rsgx

    Definitely fake.

    • Smity Smiter

      I’ve seen the next model ( not disclosing how/where) it looks pretty much like the Xbox 360 slim. Nothing to worry here, because the one in the picture looks hideous.

      • rsgx

        Cool, I’m not really surprised tbh… although the final design may vary as they do with their software (UI comes last).

  • koenshaku

    Four cores can be found in a cell phone these days. Lets get it together Microsoft This is a console that is supposed to be around for another 7-10 years.

    • Mike B

      Someone doesn’t know anything about processors I see

      • koenshaku

        I don’t care what kind of clock rates and how many threads can be handled per core or massive cache size. Point is current 8 yeah old that launched with a tri-core risc processor. Then 8 years later they have a quad core that is just underwhelming for me to hear is all I am saying. Dual core pcs had not long just hit the market when the 360 was announced.
        The fact that it was tri-core at 3.2ghz was just drool worthy. Sony went on to try to trump them on the spec sheet with the fact 7 core cell processor which was 7 SPUs designed to process physics that failed to make a difference lol. This is the sort of thing I look forward to when hearing about next gen hardware I was thinking something like a 12 core processor or something..

        • John Hough

          The 360’s cpu was right in line with everything else when it came out and it’s still playing AMAZING games way more complex than the original games 7 years later (or however long it’s been). If the games are designed right, those specs will play next gen games easily for the next 5 years.

    • Cinnamon267

      And? For cores are also in my PC and can dwarf what phones do. Do you know much about processors?

      • koenshaku

        Not too much, however I do know that pc processors are designed with larger instruction sets with much larger caches than cell phone. However I wasn’t comparing clock rates and how many threads they have per core I was comparing cores.

  • Christoffer DrPepper Lundberg

    Shit! With Windows 8, Surface, Windows Phone 8 and now this, Microsoft is gonna have all my money for the next year or so, but I don’t care!!!! =) =) =)