Run Android Apps On Microsoft Surface Pro 3

When you buy a Surface Pro 3, you essentially have two platforms to enjoy different kind of apps. One is classic Windows platform which has millions of apps. And the second one is modern Windows platform which has more 150,000 apps in Windows Store which are optimized for touch. If you are coming from Android world or missing any key apps that is available on Android, you can now use that on your Surface Pro 3. Pocket Now today posted the above video showing how to run Android apps on Surface Pro 3. It makes use of Blue Stacks Android player which can run Android apps on Windows.

Tens of millions of people around the world use top apps like Candy Crush Saga, Telegram, Temple Run 2 and more on their laptops with BlueStacks. It took our engineers two years to build the complex “LayerCake” technology that enable this to happen. Download App Player for free while it remains in beta. Just click the button below to install on your PC or Mac.

Download Bluestacks from

Pre-order it from Microsoft Store today.

  • ZloiYuri

    You can run Battlefield, Doom, Quake and other games on this device, but run Fruit Ninja via glitchy BlueStack – Sacher-Masoch quietly crying feels innocent schoolboy.

    • davepermen

      Plus, fruit ninja exists for win8:)

      • ZloiYuri

        No way. Only hardcore, only via shitdroid on bluestack!!!!


    Like the workaround however as a whole prefer to invest in the Microsoft ecosystem and not third-party to allow Microsoft collect relevant usage/feedback data to improve and enhance the foundation also it shows that I as a user am interested in the Microsoft device/services in order for the Dev’s to invest more into the ecosystem.

    Maybe I’m wrong but worth highlighting that if everyone was trying to use iOS apps on Android Google would have not had the data or the support to get to where it is now and iOS would have been the market leader still

  • hushv

    Bluestack is a piece of shit app. The uninstaller doesn’t work.

  • Windows_Freak

    Now there’s no need to buy an Android tablet.

    • WPhan

      Ya, but still looking for a reason to buy a Window tablet :(

      • VHMP01

        We are talking Surface 3 Pro here… It is the best Tablet and the best Laptop ever! Quite simple!

        • WPhan

          Tried it out and found it to be a pretty good, but expensive laptop but wanting as a tablet. It is just way to heavy. :(

          • VHMP01

            Of course it is expensive; the thinner, best specs most powerful smartphones are the most expensive… Same talking about other tech! Try comparing Surface 3’s weight against any laptop, and its function against any Tablet… Quite simple!

          • WPhan

            Why would a person do that? When one does a comparison, one compares devices similar features. So as a laptop compare keyboard, track pad and cost. With tablet run time, weight, and screen.

            But if you find trade offs worth it go ahead, but I suspect like those who purchased Surface RT in time you will find yourself wanting.

          • VHMP01

            USB or Bluetooth keyboard with track pad are cheap, with a mouse, even a screen; setup for work all plug in easily to Surace. Power as 8 Gb RAM, 512 SSD, light and 8 hours battery, heck, now that’s best laptop around, without sacrifing absolutely nothing of funtionality, nor Apps (Bluestacks), nor millions of existing programs. Yeah, that’s why big corporations are dumping whatever and getting thousands of Surfaces 3s; schools, coke, etc.

          • WPhan

            Seem like a complicated set up that’s why I prefer the simplicity of dedicated devices. The generally do specific jobs better rather then trying to compromise to make a tool work in a less then optimum task. That’s why I am waiting for a really good W8 tablet, hopefully if will com out soon. Though now that I got Office for my iPad Air it’s becoming less important.

            But like I said if you want to make that compromise work for you, great.

          • VHMP01

            Complicated setup? Wow, one USB port plugged! I have seen more adaptors with iPads (Air included) just to be able to make a presentation or share one file… Now that is ridiculous and not simplicity! You could try saying Mac Book Pro or so. I rest my case.

          • Scott

            Now that’s stupid!

          • TrentSki

            Agree, the ipad air is pretty bad, especially when you compare it to any surface model, even the rt

          • VHMP01

            What is complicated about bluetooth and one USB?

          • Jason Garozzo

            Chromebooks my friend. Schools and universities are going to chromebooks.

          • TrentSki

            Agree, I am pretty happy with my surface rt device, does everything anyone needs from a tablet, plus more considering office, etc
            I want the surface 3 rt

          • VHMP01

            No exactly, if we had always compare things to similar things, nothing would really improve with change. You could not compare an older ‘Laptop’ with CPU with a newer with a CPU and dedicated GPU, because deeper inside you could not compare CPUs alone! Things change an we keep improvements, its that simple.

          • VHMP01

            I forgot, as the Article says; Run any Android App on it. I run the Apps I need on my touch screen laptop since I got it over two years ago!

      • Mike E. Delta

        To insist and create parity in the mobile world. Companies will just keep themselves and all their development focus on where its always been, in the last 10 years… its like, Why should I get out of bed in the morning? =

  • Mike E. Delta

    I don’t consider aging applications and software “apps” For every company that insists on keeping their data and applications in the “old gen” will have absolutely no future, because they cannot move beyond the first decade of the Millennium and move on to the new paradigm. I can admit and point out that Microsoft has learned their lesson from Android and iOS which are highly mobile focused and this is simply where our world is today, Moving Forward.

  • Jayne FJ

    I love my surface Pro 3. I actually kept my laptop as well. I installed the and it runs great. I love my android apps they take the edge off of a hectic day and are fun to get lost in. I upgraded from the Samsung 10″ Tab-2 but missed the android fun. I guess its a matter of choice.