Rupert Murdoch Weighs In On Ballmer’s Retirement

Australian media magnate and CEO of News Corp Rupert Murdoch shared his thoughts about Ballmer retiring on Twitter:

Murdoch Ballmer

I think Murdoch is partially right in that hedge funds were partially responsible, but not in the way most people think. Ballmer was not forced out, and anyone pushing that narrative is just wrong. We’ll expand more on this point in another post.

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  • NegLewis

    “Back in front of tech world”
    A Business man that knows all there is to know about money tells people that MS it’s all about TECH!

    MS it’s not build to make money. It’s reason to exist lays in the core of it’s kernel(s).
    MS makes money by developing: the kernel, the OS, the UI… and those who build the apps, services, devices pays billions to MS to be the best…

  • Guest

    Aren’t you splitting hairs? It was pretty clear just a month or two ago when he announced the massive restructuring that he intended to be leading it. It was equally clear that needed to proceed like clockwork over the next twelve months, or else MS risked falling even further behind competitively. Now he’s leaving. Those aren’t reconcilable. Something significant changed. Sure, there’s an outside chance it occurred like he said. But it doesn’t seem probably, nor does it fit well with the abruptness, timing, lack of a named internal successor, dearth of commentary from Gates, apparent preference now for an external CEO, etc.

    If pressure from hedge funds caused Ballmer to lose the support of the board (meaning Gates, because that’s the only one that ultimately matters), or he managed to retain that but was facing an untenable situation whereby continuing as CEO would have subjected MS to a proxy fight they were unlikely to win (and Steve therefore decided to fall on his sword), then for all practical purposes he was “forced out”.

  • Yuan Taizong

    It’s a sad thing Ballmer goes, his successor needs to be as visionary as him, if not more.