Russia Is Now Preparing Rules To Reduce The Usage Of Microsoft And Other US Tech Products

After China, now Russian government is trying to reduce the reliance on Microsoft and other US based tech companies in governmental agencies. The reason seems to be the same security issues cited by China. They fear that the backdoors and bugs in software will allow suppliers access to confidential data. Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Oracle and SAP had combined revenue of $8.1 billion from Russia last year, and if Russia is going to move forward with their current plans, then these companies may get affected on sales.

The State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, is drafting a bill to require government agencies and state-run enterprises to give preference to local providers of software and hardware, according to a document from the commission for strategic information systems obtained by Bloomberg News. The paper addresses criteria for tender processes such as favoring products that don’t have imported, licensed components.

“This all has to do with sanctions,” Andrey Chernogorov, executive secretary of the commission, said in a phone interview. “Given the current international tensions, substituting imports with local software and hardware becomes the key to ensuring self sufficiency.”

Read more about it from Bloomberg.

  • tofferne

    It’s the result of a government playing the big brothers role and policeman everywhere, Actually it’s more and more terrible for everyone and all over the world.

    • bibleverse1

      The economic impact of the NSA spying programs will be felt for decades. On the one hand many nations will choose to create their own technology solutions on the other many will screw it up. The western tech powers will need to expand into south america and africa.

  • counterblow

    good luck with that, hope that Linux thing works out for ya….

    • Dr Ballmer

      Linux is the future

      • ZloiYuri

        Sorry pal but I have bad news for you. UNIX is past. Future is something like Singularity.

        • Dr Ballmer

          Yes Unix is the past, and Linux is the future, I’m am glad your brain agrees with me. Android had killed shitty Windows Phoney

          • ZloiYuri

            Dude, shitdroid is a plane crap made by asshanded jerks. Process is a file is a 20 century. Classics as steam machine. It works but it’s not a future. They use it only by one reason – it works and it’s FREE. No advantages more. Few companies can do their own OS. Too hard. So they took old but free paradigm and dress it to frameworks and wandering why it is so slow and unsave.

  • rjmlive

    This is great news for Linux. Bad news for Microsoft, Google and Apple, but moreso Microsoft.

    • NGM123

      LOL, what a comedian.

      • McCheeseFist

        actually they will be using Google open source… Google supporting Russia is good… Your hard work and support to Linux is helping Putin… Congrats!

        • counterblow

          right, because Google isn’t an American company either. Where do you idiots come up with this shit?
          ALL of the world’s major operating systems come from the United States.

          • Jimmy

            Err Linux doesn’t, once China push Linux hard, America will disappear in the rear view mirror, they are past their sell-by-date I’m afraid, a dying empire.

  • Ian Too

    You’d think that they’d be busy brokering a cease-fire in the Ukraine, so that the bodies of the MH17 victims could be repatriated and a proper air investigation carried out.

    Sorry my bad, it’s hard for decent people to understand the actions of disgraceful excuses for humanity like the Russian government.

    Why they’d think Linux would be any more secure for them I don’t know, but Microsoft are probably glad not to be associated with 283 murder victims.

    • david

      They are busy inventing stories not brokering cease-fire.

    • McCheeseFist

      Android is open source…

    • Professor

      Yeah like the Americans who shot down Iran Air Flight 655 killing 290 innocent civilians. The incident took place in Iranian airspace, over Iran’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, and on the flight’s usual flight path.

      PS Microsoft support the US who are associated with 10,000 murder victims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      • Ian Too

        Is That the best you can do? Use one state’s disgrace to licence another’s?

        Wake up numpty. You’re making excuses for people implicated in the murder of 300 civilians.

        What did the Malaysians do, pray tell? And what atrocity are you lining up to excuse next.

        For a professor you are somewhat hard of thinking.