Salesforce CEO thinks CEOs will not upgrade to Windows 8, also thinks LTE will replace WIFI

imageSalesforce CEO Marc Benioff showed his excellent grasp of business reality on Friday when he said Windows 8 will be the end of the dominance of Windows in business, also going on to say LTE will replace WIFI and WLAN, and with that installed software.

Windows has become “irrelevant,” he said,  being displaced by next-generation LTE wireless networks that will “disintermediate” the need for WANs and LANs, along with “all of these great services that are available right off the cloud.”

“Now, we’re not completely there,” Benioff added. “Everything is not heterogeneous client, everything is not LTE, everything is not cloud … But we’re going to this great new place in our industry.”

He said Windows 8 will not be an automatic and inevitable upgrade for CIOs; like Windows 7 was.

He said Windows 8 will force CIOs to ask “am I going to Windows 8, or am I going to something else,” Benioff.

He quotes one particular unnamed CIO who was ready to move to something else already.

“Her goal is to get rid of all of the PCs,” Benioff said. “She doesn’t see a demand curve from users for PCs.” Instead, the CIO is hoping to move to a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) approach, Benioff said. Next-generation mobile devices have “forced CIOs to make changes already,” he added.

Benioff’s dream of cloud-based software, which would make customers critically dependent on maintaining their contract with Salesforce to run their business on a day to day basis, is of course an old one, and on one level his dream of the always connected client is also shared by many.

He however ignores the reality of  increasingly congested airways, increasing instead of decreasing costs of wireless connectivity, data-caps from wireless carriers, increasingly unreliable networks and the fact that retraining users on the new Windows 8 start menu is much simpler than replacing software with a web-based cloud version that wont work at a client’s offices because AT&T does not work very well in the basement conference room.

With 33% of businesses already saying they are upgrading to Windows 8, and only 10% skipping it, I think Benioff is showing signs of being dangerously out of touch with reality.


  • Mark Matheson

    There’s no way an enterprise company would go LTE as an alternative to their wireless network – even if it is faster, they like to know their network team is in control of the service, end-to-end.
    Not to mention the thousands of apps which are in constant development under Windows OS. I work in an oil company that has around 1300 Windows-based apps – it would take a massive exodus from Windows to justify moving away from the platform and since the major apps have a maintenance agreement to continue supporting the apps in their current environment, it would be insane to do so.
    It’d be interesting to know which CIO Benioff spoke to because I’d love to know what the companys software profile is like. If they only use 5 apps then yeah – stay on Win 7 forever, or move to another OS – otherwise, get real.

    • JoshC

      It’s probably some irrelevant 5 man app making start up that uses chromebooks and doesn’t need real computers

      • deadonthefloor

        The clue is that the CIO is a female. How many female CIOs are there in the world today?

  • TonyFinlay

    Err. Security anyone? People running around with their own devices full
    of potentially confidential material. How do you enforce security
    policies on that?

    • MeWhoElse

      Using WindowsToGo! That and DirectAccess… there’s ways to do BYOD.

  • oldjovian

    Knock, knock Benioff . . . anybody home?

    • Sambo

      Who’s there?
      Ben who?
      Ben, I off touch with reality…LOL

  • Bloob

    I doubt Microsoft is expecting that much from the business side of things, for the next year. Win 7 will continue to serve businesses, while people get the chance to learn Win 8 on consumer products.

  • techieg

    He is just an ignorant CEO, what does he know. Even CIOs that think they know have tried replacing Windows and Active Directory and have either ended up with kludged up/non-working networks with users complaining or simply find it impossible to accomplish. Well, this CEO is just speaking his wish out of fear because they are trying to compete with MS in the CRM arena with their lousy and expensive cloud CRM.

  • gopi krishna

    Windows 7 is there and it will be there..Who is forcing this guy to upgrade to Windows 8 ? LTE is good with entertainment devices not computers at work.

  • Ridlaw

    I love the photo with the article; I think somebody has just told him that people use other applications, not just Salesforce!

  • TroyGates

    Salesforce is a direct competitor to Microsoft, of course he wants them to be over.

  • spitefulgod

    A ha aha aha aha aha, get your company on track then talk about others.. How much profit has his company created compare to investment? 1% was it?

  • dan

    He comes out with that everytime there’s a new windows launch. Ask him how many share of aapl or goog he has.

  • donzebe

    What will the said CIO do if all the BYOD end up being windows pc?

    • Eingoluq

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Asgard

    Windows in business might be irrelevant for some tasks but as an infrastructure as a whole….? This guy seriously doesn’t know what he is talking about 😀

  • VB2012

    Lol what an ignorant dumb douche -_-

  • XB_Mod

    stupid fat azz

  • sumedh kumar

    A full 100% retard .

    • Gavin Tom

      never go full retard!

  • ustudio

    actually I perdct they will repace this guy in 2 years

  • xchaser

    did he read that from a script? IDIOT doesn’t know about tech.

  • Guest

    Out of touch is an understatement. Can this guy even get LTE service from his soapbox on the moon?

  • HarveyT

    LOL…There are thousands of BIG companies with BIG CIOs…he found one and sounds like he’s basing his entire theory of the failure of windows 8 on one “unnamed” CIO. Then goes on to say that the CIO is ready to move on to “something else”!! LMBO at this. Like any CIO will just pack up its IT department and “move to somthing else”….

  • Jesse Harmon

    LTE. is he serious everybody I know is always looking for wifi nobody can afford another LTE. contract cmon what a dunce

  • JimmyFal

    His comments are mostly “irrelevant” and lost on “reality”.

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    hahaha..its the death of windows….hey its the year of LINUX now……hahaha oh please… are they going to use chrome notebooks now? hahaha..funny CEO… must be high on something

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    Marc Benioff, you’re an idiot. Who the hell would listen to this person…you sir need to be deleted of the internet. lol

  • Mitch Hancock

    Ok, so if companies are moving to BYOD, then the shift is away from appeasing and appealing to corporate and to the consumer, so…what Microsoft is doing is exactly what this guy says needs to be done to be relevant in corporate: get consumers more interested in the brand.

  • xma1e

    The enterprise company I worked for decided several, years ago to move as many of its users to a simple non enterprise connected version of windows, over the last 4 years they have worked hard to integrate those users back into the enterprise network.

    These “new” was of working can sometimes be no more than a costly fad.