Samsung Announces ATIV Q Windows 8 Convertible Device With 3200X1800 Display

Samsung Ativ Q Windows Tablet

Samsung today announced a new Windows 8 convertible named ATIV Q. It runs both Windows 8 and Android and allows you to switch between them in a seamless manner.

Samsung launches the ATIV Q – a truly convertible device with the ability to change modes and the power to enjoy both Windows and Android. Born of the tablet family, the ATIV Q allows users more flexibility than ever to adapt the device to fit any situation, posture or environment. Built with today’s evolving consumer lifestyles in mind and usable as a notebook or tablet, it delivers on the ATIV promise to make work more seamless and life more convenient.

Samsung ATIV Q Specs

Enjoy Android Apps on Windows: Addressing consumers’ desire to access Android apps on a Windows-based PC, the ATIV Q allows users to experience both Windows 8 and Android (Jellybean 4.2.2) on the same device. Users will not only get access to Android apps via Google Play but will also be able to transfer files to share folders and files from Windows 8 to Android, truly marrying the mobile and PC experiences.

Versatility to Suit Any Environment or Needs: The ATIV Q sports an innovative hinge design that allows the user to transform the tablet into four functional modes. Lay the display flat over the keyboard for tablet mode. Raise the display upright to type just like a laptop. Float and adjust the display to a comfortable viewing angle. Or flip the display to place in the stand mode to watch movies with ease. The four-in-one design of the ATIV Q easily adjusts to give users all the options they need in one device. ATIV Q is also extremely thin and lightweight for optimum portability. At 1.29kg and only 13.9mm, it’s easy to take everywhere you go.

The Ultimate Viewing Experience: The ATIV Q introduces the world’s highest resolution, QHD+ (3200×1800) display. The tablet’s 13.3-inch touch screen offers 2.8 times higher pixel density (275ppi) than full HD displays for viewing the finest of details. ATIV Q is also designed to provide an optimized viewing experience regardless of location and high brightness in outdoor environments.

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  • Naveenangels

    boo hooo……….. if Windows is not good enough for Samsung they should stop using it all together.
    Hopes MSFT locks down its OS

    • Apollo Wolfram

      So much butthurt in here it’s hilarious. Are you guys that insecure that you can’t handle Android side-loaded? If you really want MS to lock down its operating system then you’re about as bad as Apple.

      • Naveenangels

        Yes we are! and if that bother’s you so darn much, then why don’t you go continue your rant in another forum. This is dedicated to Windows and we are not here to laud Samsung for their preference for Android

        • Apollo Wolfram

          One of the things that I’ve always liked about Windows is that you can run the programs that you choose. If you want to run Linux in a VM window, no problem. If you want to run open source software, that’s no problem too. If Microsoft goes the road towards restricting what users can and can’t do (ie. Apple) I see that as a negative for the users and computing in general. Microsoft has some great products there is no question but they also give you that freedom of choice. Android is not going to replace Windows and if I had to pick just one of them of course I would go with MS because it has the software I need to get my work done. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like to use some of the applications or services google/android provides. Surely we can be sensible and at least agree on that?

          • Naveenangels

            Yes we can, I used to like Google before they started behaving like the 90’s MSFT and Samsung seems to be actively trying to damage the reputation of Win8 so there’s no love left

  • Bugbog

    For some reason, other than its screen, the A-Q is a solid “Meh!”

    The addition of Android, to me, is laughable! Even funnier, are the comments of desire from people that had previously lambasted Windows 8 for being a “mess” due to the fact that fact that going from ‘Metro’ to the desktop “was too jarring!” But going from buttery smooth Win8 to Android isn’t? Especially when the scaling of Android on said hi-rez is as pathetic as it is??!

  • NGM123

    Samsung doing everything they can to undermine MS by having the trojan horse android on board. They are hell bent on android killing windows so they can control the market.
    I can’t believe MS would allow this to happen, fuck samsung and their passion for building good looking but shit quality products.

    • counterblow

      it is running an “app” emulator so there is not much Microsoft can do about an OEM loading an app on there that is theirs. Running in an emulator though it will provide a sub par experience so I’m not worried about it.

  • ustudio

    if it was window 8 and windows 8 rt, win 8 for power, win rt for longer battery then i would get it, but I dont use android so, oh well someone hack win rt over the android, and then Id buy it

  • koenshaku

    I don’t like convertibles it just seems wrong for whatever reason.

  • ThatsHowISeeIt

    Too bad they are hobbling what you can do with this by including only 4GB of RAM.