Samsung ATIV Tab for pre-order on Amazon UK, much too expensive


We have just seen the Acer Iconia W510 offering great value at 499  Euro ($648 or £403) for a x86 tablet with dock.

Now we see the opposite side of the spectrum, with Amazon UK offering pre-orders for the Samsung ATIV TAB 10.1 inch tablet for £549.99 (682 Euro, $884). The ARM tablet has a 1.5 ghz dual-core processor and 2 GB RAM and of course runs Windows RT.  The package does not appear to include anything extra such as a dock or keyboard, making the price appear to be pretty poor value.

Given that we are having x86 tablets selling for cheaper than ARM tablets, do our readers think those tablets have any future? Let us know below.

Thanks Erno for the tip.

  • techieg

    Seriously, there is no value here at all. Just a tablet running RT version of Win8 and no accessories for such a price. Definitely scheduled for “failure to launch”. These OEMs are not serious, they invest poorly in hardware innovation but want to overprice return on miserable investment. Where is the lovely Surface?

    • Bugbog

      I’d consider the Surface RT for the same price, as quite a bit of thought has gone into it. Samsung, not so much.

      In fact, to me, Samsung appears to present the worst offerings of the OEM’s in regards to it’s Windows 8 (and WP8) offerings! They don’t appear to have infused any original creativity into any product in the lines. All seem to be the most bland of re-hashments.

  • santi

    Is very expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ef Jay

    The madness continues. If no one is able to price Windows 8 tablets reasonably apart from Acer MS better hang on to that $1b marketing money, cos W8 will fail massively.

    • Bugbog

      All that needs happen, especially if the Surface is priced well, is that consumers will flock to MS’s device, leaving the OEM’s out in the cold!

    • alukard

      “W8 will fail massively” that’s abit silly to say. The specialised hardware like the Ativ tab and others may not go down well due to pricing and other factors, but the OS itself will do fine because it will be preinstalled in many new standard hardware (laptops and desktops) that will be much cheaper in you local store.
      W8 builds on W7 solid uptake and resources, so its not going to be a massive departure from the norm.

  • Matt

    This price is likely just a placeholder. I have no doubt that it will be cheaper then this. And if it’s not just get a Surface RT. :)

    • Bugbog

      Definitely Surface. (Hopefully priced juuust right!). All these OEM’s offering just the basic iPad clone isn’t good enough, especially when they can’t even match the same prices.

  • koenshaku

    Well.. It looks like samsung just put a large screen on their ATIV S windows phone with this one.. In that regard at least it is cheaper than the phone. Wake me when the Surface price is available.

  • Jdrm03

    all the RT tablet prices are going need to come down in price or Win 8 RT is going to be DOA.

    If acer is launching an atom based tablet for $499, there is absolutely no reason any of the RT tablets should be more expensive then that. Especially when the specs for RT tablets don’t go toe to toe with tablets in the $249-299 price range…

    What is going to happen when the iPad mini is launched at a sub $350(my guess) price?

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    I’ll say one thing. Compare apples to apples.

    Meaning, compare the price of these devices in Germany or England. Or America.

    Comparing American pricing to England pricing or Germany to England pricing is not a fair comparison.

  • Eljon

    32 giga memory???? Never. No way I will buy it

  • Kitab

    Nokia, where’s my winRT/x86 tablet? I want one with style, incl. with a “Pureview” display <1080p!

  • alukard

    I’ll make a decision when the real RRP is shown after official launch. Of course it could be Samsung tax added on.

  • xma1e

    Amazon? Where the Nexus 7 is sold higher than everyone else so it doesn’t favour above the less desirable Kindle Fire HD?