Samsung reveals US pricing of Windows 8 tablets, hybrids, not cheap


Samsung has revealed the US pricing of its Windows 8 tablets, PCs and laptops at an event yesterday.

They will be releasing two tablets, the Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T tablet which will be priced at $650 without a keyboard (an extra $100). It has an Intel Core i5 processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 64 GB SSD.

The Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro 700T tablet will be priced at $1,200 and has an Intel Atom Z2760 processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD.

Their touch-screen laptops will range from $450  for a Series 3 notebook to $1,400 for the high end Series 9 Premium Ultrabook.

They will also sell two all-in-one PCs that will range from $800 to $1,700 for the 27 inch Series 7.

All of the devices will go on sale on October 26th.


  • Windows 8

    I love the pricing, although these are suggested Max prices and I think the final prices would be lower.
    Come on bring it on !! we are all waiting eagerly.

  • Andreas Wilsberg

    The processors of the 500T and 700T are interchanged. The 700T has i5, 500T has Atom

    • Dome

      Yes. It were impossible an ATOM at 1200$!
      Anyway 650$ + 100 for an ATOM, if it works well, it’s a good price.

  • Albert

    Just hope someone gives us the option to replace the SSD with a larger one if we want. (Talking about the Pro model)

    • Mitch Hancock

      I have a Series 7 Slate and my SSD was mSATA. I bought the cheapest SS7S with Dock and then popped in a 256 SATA3 mSATA, added an Aegis NetDock and called it a day.

  • donzebe

    I think the Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500 T at $650 is good enough When compare to ipad with same 64 GB SSD at $800.

  • Bernhard Doll

    Price in the US for the Intel Atom based one with dock: 750 USD. With current currency translation rates that would be about 580 €.

    Price in Germany: 799 €.

    That’s insane 😀

    • TrickyD

      That’s what you Germans get for banning Samsung products 😛

      • Bernhard Doll

        Well, the court who banned the Samsung tablets has been, at least in my opinion, insane, too. 😉

  • Origa

    You have to compare the prices.
    The Samsung 500T, 64 GB SSD for 650$
    The Samsung 700T, 128 GB SSD for 1.200$
    The new ipad, black, from apple store is priced
    With Wi-fi and Cellular
    Apple IPAD 16 – 629$
    Apple IPAD 32 – 729$
    Apple IPAD 64 – 829$
    These Samsungs products are cheaper and offer more choices, clear upside to Microsoft and Samsung.

    • stanvx

      Why are you comparing them to the Cellular ipads?
      The 500T and 700T don’t include Cellular do they?

  • James

    Stop with the “Not cheap” comments. It is so negative and unsupportive! Plus you cannot compare x86 processors to cheaper (and less powerful) ARM processors.

  • Zicoz

    Hm, $650 for an i5 seems cheap to me atleast. But the $1200 one should have the same CPU at that price.

  • bhss

    Prices should be compared with Ultrabooks or MacBook Air, these aren’t just tablets with a crappy OS, these are desktop class PCs at the same time.

  • NegLewis

    I will buy one.
    But people will keep comparing the new Tablets with the old/existing ones.
    They DO NOT KNOW the “power” of Surface so… if the price is not as “comfortable” as an Android Tablet then people will buy an iPad… or an Android Tablet.

    If they will keep dreaming at a future where Software/OS will sell hardware… they will fail.
    This is basically a Styled Notebook… The price should reflect THAT.
    RT is an ARM Tablet… the price should be $399. MAX.

    If Samsung doesn’t cut the price in half… well…

  • hatedknight

    I don’t know how good these prices are, I will now have to wait and see some real hands on time before buying. Close to a grand?! I will wait and get and MacBook Air for that price! I was looking for 750 ish max on a tablet pricing oh well.

  • Daniel Rivero Horie

    I guess I’m getting a 500T, does somebody have bechmark of this ATOM CPU?

  • PoohGQ

    This doesn’t make sense! I think you have the specs mixed. The Core i5 should be the one with 4GB RAM for $1200 & the Atom should have the 2GB for $650..

  • skruis

    I have a current gen Series 7 Slate and I’m skipping Samsung for the next round regardless of price. The build quality wasn’t up to snuff. The screen was coming up from the bezel, it cracks and creaks here and there, etc. I’ll be placing more emphasis on ‘quality’ this time around now that there will actually be many options to choose from.

    • Mitch Hancock

      I also have a current gen SS7S and I haven’t had any quality problems whatsoever outside of the “SAMSUNG” logo on the back coming off because it is a sticker. I’m now leaning towards an ATIV S for my next phone because I am so pleased with my slate.

      • skruis

        Yep, the Samsung logo came off on mine too. It’s little things like that that annoy me. The Ativ S looks like a good phone but I’m probably going to be picking up a Lumia 920 because the specs are great but also cause of Nokia: they make great hardware.

  • lewtwo

    According to Samsung’s web site the 700T has a Intel® Core™ i5-3317U Processor