Samsung Series 9 And Dell XPS 13 Ultrabooks Gets Full HD Screen

In the midst of array of new Windows 8 devices, two popular last generation Windows Ultrabooks got neat update. Dell has announced that the XPS 13 Ultrabook with 13.3-inch display will be updated with Full HD 1080p display from its current 1366×768 resolution display. The updated XPS 13 will be available later this month.

Also, Samsung has announced that its Series 9 Ultrabook which currently has 1600 x 900 display will be upgraded to 1080p display later this year.

  • Mathieu

    That is just dumb, I just got my new Samsung Ultrabook last month. Stupid thing :(

    • namikral

      dont worry, its coming at the end of this year

    • José Villaró

      Dumb is relative… you should have waited an event like this before making a decision. What do you expect? Companies shouldn’t make their products better for your sake?

  • namikral

    Ordered my Samsung series 9 Ultrabook an hour ago and was shocked to see the title but after reading the whole article I calmed down. Its coming at the end of this year so that is OK.

  • Tips_y

    I would rather buy a touch-capable ultrabook with W8 than those two models. Or better yet, wait a few months for new ultrabooks with Haswell in it.