Samsung Still Going To Continue Shipping Bloatware In Windows 8 Devices

While PC OEMs like Vizio are shipping their devices with clean Windows 8 installations, Samsung has decided to dirty up the Windows 8 builds of their devices. They are now going to include a bloatware called S-launcher that will mimic the old Windows 7 start menu features. The S-launcher thing is dockable, so you can place it anywhere on the screen. It allows you to search for programs and launch them.

But why Samsung?? Why????

Source: Mashable

  • Mike Hollis

    Because Grand-ma and Grand-pa, hell even my parents will be completely lost without the familiar Start menu. It’s not like it was when Win95 came out and a little arrow appeared next to the Start button that says “Click here to start” or some such. With Win8 Microsoft has said, figure it out. Yes, once you get it (how to access programs/settings/etc) it’s simple, but the first few minutes of, “Wtf do I do to get to notepad?” are painful.

    • Ef Jay

      Grandma and Grandpa dont need the start menu, everything they would need is right there on the start screen presenting them live, updated information. No need to go digging into the start menu with its tiny text.

      • MistaWet

        Totally agree with you Ef.

      • peterkremzar

        How true. Sometimes I feel even Grandma and Grandpa don’t have so many problems with that comparing to some whining IT “professionals”. I plan to install W8 to my 65 years old mom’s computer as soon as W8 is available for purchase. And I know she won’t have any more problems with W8 than with W7.

        • Bugbog


    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      and… have you given the Windows 8 computer to your parents??…
      my mom is no expert in computer at all but she has never asked me how to use Windows 8. she sees the IE tile and puff she clicks on it. last time i even found her computer with the desktop IE. the only one person asking its my dad because he is lazy and he knows i would have to explain him if he asks. and i only say “corners dad, corners” so he doesn’t ask much anymore. only when he wants to print from reader.
      But 2 days ago my mom found her song she wanted in her aquabeat for her swimming lessons, and she did all that by herself, using bing! (just like an ad haha)
      but honestly now finding something like Word its even easier because its not buried in small folders like old start menu. my computer have never had many desktop icons, so Windows 7 or Windows 8 people have to use start menu/screen.
      and it was hard for them to find Word in win7, not only for being buried in allprograms ->folders->office->Word.exe (folders that grew every program you installed) but also becuase even with glasses it was sometimes hard to see.
      and MFU in old start menu was a Little buggy sometimes, and it only has 10 prgrams by default. so sometimes that didn’t help much.
      so no, the new start screen wont be a problema as long as they have there what they need. (like IE) in start screen. and Windows 8 can make easier to reach their information like mails, and news and such, with live tiles.

  • David

    Call it bloatware is too much.
    I love Microsoft and everything I have from mouse, keyboard, etc. including all services and softwares are all Microsoft product.
    But I like Windows 7 start menu and Not very happy that it is gone in Windows 8. Yes not very big deal (maybe) but sometimes I feel like I need it to be there for some tasks.
    This is perhaps a very first time that I am not very excited about new Windows version even tough Windows 8 performance and speed is amazing and even smoother than Windows 7.
    All this App crap things all started with Apple and I am not very happy to see that now kind of in Windows and PC world we are having that crap also.
    If Windows 8 had exact same Windows 7 Desktop and also Modern UI (aka Metro UI) then I would be very very happy person and I would upgrades all of our 8 PCs in family to Windows 8 on day one but at this point I am not sure.
    And having that S-launcher which you called bloatware maybe it is not actually a bad idea in desktop mode for many people.

    • Bugbog

      In short, everything the same but with a cosmetic facelift?

      • John

        Not really! Performance improvement like Windows 8 and also have Modern UI for tablets and touch but have Windows 7 desktop for non-touch computers.
        So when you have tablet u can enjoy Modern UI (Metro) and when you have it on ur desktop you can enjoy and use desktop the way you do in Windows 7.
        And that is not cosmetic facelift. It is 2 different UI for 2 different use.

  • 12468

    I’d rather call it an essential fix to a major flaw than bloatware.
    Im used to the tiles because of wp7 and my xbox 360, but they are only annoying on a pc.
    The option i use most in win7 is to open the start menu , start typing and hit enter.
    In win 8 i get ripped out of my desktop to a full screen of flimsy tiles , to search around for features that were once easy to reach.
    Win 8 looks usefulk for a tablet, but on a non touch desktop it is like walking through quicksand.

    • Bugbog

      Specious! If you’re already in desktop and want to search all you need to is pull the charm from the left and type! No different to before!

      Same functionality, same number of steps, different location. That’s it!

  • eric42

    Sorry, but I think it’s a good idea, especially while Windows 8 is going through its transitional period. Once more apps are Metrofield (or whatever Microsoft is calling it now) this wouldn’t be needed.
    Besides I’m sure this doesn’t have to be used, correct? Can’t it just be closed or even removed completely?

    • eric42

      That was supposed to be “Metrofied”, not “field” 😉

  • Pookiewood

    Bloatware? That’s a little harsh. If you don’t want it disable it. I think it does more good than harm. Wow when Engadget is the only blog to see something good about it then you know all of these blogs are going to ****.

  • grs_dev

    I think it should be called crutches. Training wheels maybe? My ex used to have abandonment issues. I can see why she might go with this sort of thing…

  • Sunovavic

    It’s for the whiners and we all know there’s a lot of them. Then after a few weeks of using the S-launcher, they will realize… “wtf am I using the launcher for?”

  • peterkremzar

    Microsoft should give us an option to reinstall computers with OEM Windows 8 preinstalled. If I really hate something is this type bloatware.
    Last time I’ve got an Asus notebook and it had a lot of it. It took me a lot of time to uninstall all that just to make it run as I would like.

    • FavBrowser

      Go to Microsoft online store, they offer bloatware free hardware

  • JoeMotz

    Where can I download the s launcher if I don’t own a samsung device? I’ve been running win8 pro (RTM) for some time now and really think Microsoft made a mistake by leaving out the start menu. The “start” screen is not as polished as it needs to be taken as a start button replacement, usability is downright awkward at times. With a start screen and a desktop I feel my PC has developed a bit of a split personality. What the hell was MS thinking? Good for you Samsung.

  • Sgeek

    Microsoft really screwed things up by having the same “metro” or whatever they are calling it these days on Server 2012. Install something like MDT2012 and you suddenly have 20 new icons on your “Start” screen. A big mess.

  • Can Iyigungor

    There is a solution to your biggest problem… Just uninstall!