Samsung To Exit Traditional Tower Desktop PC Business (Updated)

Seeing massive success in the mobile space with its Galaxy smartphones Samsung will exit the traditional tower Desktop PC business.  The desktop business has been unprofitable for Samsung for many years now.  “Demand for conventional desktop PCs is going down,” said a Samsung Electronics official. “We will allocate our resources to popular connected and portable devices.” He said that research teams and technology development units are being boosted for tablets and all-in-one laptops. The government recently designated the desktop PC business as an “industry suitable for smaller firms” from 2015. “Tablets, all-in-one and hybrid PCs are Samsung’s current focus. Samsung is speeding up its restructuring of its PC business via product realignment toward profitable variants,” said another Samsung official.

Samsung will still continue to manufacture “all-in-one’ desktop pcs as well as tablets and laptops PCs.  Desktop PCs are now more of a niche market, traditionally for those who need serious performance such as video editors and gamers.

Enjoy the headlines elsewhere, which will certainly read “Post PC Era Continues w/ Decline of Windows.”  The idiots do not realize Windows 8, along with news like this, proves that people want more touch-centric & portable operating systems.

Samsung has denied the above report with the following statement,

“The rumor that Samsung is withdrawing from the PC desktop business is groundless. Samsung will continue to offer diverse products according to market needs, including our recently announced ATIV One 5 Style, a stylish all-in-one PC. We will continue to open all possibilities in PC business including our PC Tower business, to satisfy consumer’s diverse lifestyle and needs.”

Source: Korea Times

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    Its all to do with cost and whats in the box. the vast majority or people all have PC’s, and lets be honest, how many times do you change a desktop PC…..7-9 years? And those that choose to upgrade no longer want to purchase a big heavy box for the reason that surfing the web, checking emails, using skype, facebook and buying and booking online no longer requires a box, a tablet or smartphone does the job nicely and its mobile.
    Once I decide to ditch my old system, I’d be looking to buying a win8/9 Tablet.

    • deathdealer351

      well I tend to upgrade every 2-3 years my DT. however its a gaming machine so I bump the specs roughly every other generation of pc chip. However there have not been much advancements in chips so I have not updated my machine in a few years (2009) ish.. I bump the graphics card and swap the dvd drive to a bluray burner.
      but this is the PC market now.. Its for the DIY crowd. The graphics guys buy macs pretty much always have and pretty much always will. So even if Sammy did exit most people will shrug.

      • S_A_R_K_I_S

        I’m a gamer as well, however we are the minority, but at the same time, we spend money on our rigs when needed to upgrade and get the latest what ever….. The majority just want the cost to be low as possible and look pretty as well as function to their needs, and the way things are going you have to factor in the younger generation is growing up and consuming products and these products aren’t big boxes anymore. OEM’s really need to look at what they are selling in the shops. Its great Microsoft came out with the surface as this will push the lazy OEMS to come out with great products which has actually worked, seeing Samsung, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo come out with some great products, its a matter of time when they hit the shops where I live and we will see a shift in purchasing….If you can imagine…a Tablet with PC horsepower (graphics card really) that’s that’s when the market will pick up….I’d ditch my PC tomorrow. You’d have a mobile rig that will do everything, apart from playing cheap crappy indie games found on smartphones 😀
        either way lets see what happens with the market, the only people to blame are the OEMS…..if they want to boost it why not give buyers incentives….trade in your old machine for a new one and get money off…I think that’s a start and the way forward.

  • deathdealer351

    I did not even know Sammy makes a tower. Just thought they made laptops and tablets/phones

  • grs_dev

    When did they enter it? What do they do in that space that is different from what HP, and Dell already do? I’ve never heard of a Samsung Desktop before personally…