Samsung To Ship 16 Million Windows Based Devices This Year

Jin Park, Vice President of the IT solutions business at Samsung has told that Samsung Electronics will ship 16 million Windows 8/Windows 7 devices such as tablets, PCs this year. Samsung today announced ATIV Smart PC and ATIV Smart PC Pro devices in India selling for Rs. 53,990 and Rs. 75, 490. respectively.

Samsung VP told the following regarding Samsung Windows products,

“Our smart devices like ATIV Smart PC and ATIV Smart PC Pro and Samsung Notebooks deliver seamless user experience through convergence technologies across multiple devices. With our leadership in design and technology and Microsoft’s leadership in operating systems, we are able to provide customers with smart devices that have the most beautiful design, powerful performance and ease of use.”

Source: Reuters

  • the person

    this year as in 2012? Funny….I have yet to see a single Samsung Windows device in the flesh.

  • Rasool Shaik

    In Dreams?

  • Daniel Rivero Horie

    So far they’re doing a BAD job, the Ativ SmartPC Pro 700T is out of stock almost everywhere, the phone Ativ S the same situation or even worse.