Samsung Windows 8 tablet now up to $2700 on eBay


Some wonder if there is any demand for Microsoft’s new tablet OS.  If the going price on eBay for the Samsung Windows 8 tablet Microsoft gave away to developers at BUILD is any indicated, the demand could be pretty good, with bidding for the Core i5-powered tablet now at $2700, with 7 more hours to go.

The 11.6 inch tablet with 64 GB of storage also interestingly comes with 12 months of free AT&T data usage, suggesting developers got a pretty good deal when they were given the devices for free.

See the auction at eBay here.


  • Anonymous

    Kind of a dick move for a “developer” given a developer’s unit at BUILD to be hawking this on Ebay a week after the conference.  Makes you wonder if they are more interested in developing apps or getting swag.  Just sayin’.

  • Kruegerman

    There was one that sold for $4000 already.

  • Steve Williams

    From the documentation handed out with the developer preview unit:
    This prototype computer is not intended for sale and contains pre-release software product of the next version of Windows which may not have the full functionality of the commercially release version of the software. The software includes an internal locking mechanism that will prevent it from functioning after a specified amount of time.

  • Anonymous

    haha this is stupid! i mean… its not like you cant get developer preview =_= installed in any x86 slate, desktop, or whatever.

    sometimes i wonder who really buy this kind of stuff. id like one, but i wouldn’t want to give my money to some idiot who is selling it on ebay. its not like they are unique anyways…

    • RyanTech Kevin

      Apparently you have never been to a dev conference no matter the provider, Microsoft linux Mac etc…. These dev devices have more sensors than any retail model you dip. They are one of a kind but a post prior says it best. Keep this up and they will stop spoiling our talented developers.

  • Jordan Zielin

    this is really silly. That samsung PC will be on sale in a few week. (samsung series 7 slate)
    the 128gig SSD version cost only $1300.

    then install win8 on it.. *poof*
    no 12 months att.. but that isn’t worth ~$1500

  • Anonymous

    If you need a Win 7 Slate ASAP…Asus EP121

    • Emile Carter

      Just checked out the Asus… seems it’s thicker and heavier than the Samsung model. The extra weight might be a factor after holding it for a while. Also, would be nice to have a front facing camera.