Satya Nadella: Microsoft Has No Plans To Spin Off Xbox

At the inaugural Code Conference (#CodeCon) where @karaswisher and @waltmossberg are engaging Microsoft CEO @satyanadella in a more than hour-long onstage conversation, there were lots of things discussed. When Kara questioned whether Microsoft has plans to spin off Xbox business, Satya Nadella replied that he has no plans to do anything different on Xbox than we are doing today.

Kara: Will you spin off Xbox?

Nadella: I have no intent to do anything different on Xbox than we are doing today.

He notes that prior to Nokia, Xbox is where all of Microsoft’s hardware know-how came from.

This should put an end to all the reports that stated that Microsoft may spin off Xbox businesses soon.

“It is the thing that is really going to power all the experiences on all the devices today and tomorrow,” Nadella said. “In order to be in the hunt for those experiences, and get it right, you do need to from time to time build devices, so you don’t leave anything to chance.”

Source: Recode

  • LexicoRed

    What else would he say, it would kill sales if he even hinted at the truth of what is in the cards. Look how Elop tanked Nokia by broadcasting that company’s future plans.

    12-18 months it will be in Dells possession,

    • lubba

      Xbox is doomed I tell ya, doomed! MS is doomed also. 12-18 months MS be in Google possession.

      • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

        Now you sound like every media-outlet ever. 😛

    • Mirainashe

      Doom and gloom is the simpleton way of making sense of the world. Xbox is actually a very viable and successful business and very critical to MS business as a whole. It makes sense. They are competing will with PS on the console market with the latter having released worldwide already and XBOX only available in select markets right now. So why would they get rid of it?

      • LexicoRed

        It losses money, has for years and distracts the company form focusing on building cross platform software and services; the company’s future.

        • krayziehustler

          If you don’t see how important Bing and Xbox are to Microsoft’s future then you must not be following MS too closely.

  • saqrkh

    I predict Xbox will ultimately end up in the cloud…as a service.

    That’s right, Microsoft’s going to take it to PlayStation Now and they’re going to make Xbox Online a reality. Not only will this service play Original and 360 games, but also One games and games that are beyond the current capacity of X1’s hardware.

    This Xbox Online service will be delivered to everyone, i.e. OEMs can include it as part of Smart TVs, tablets, laptops, media streaming boxes, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t something that’ll happen in 1-2 years, but will definitely begin soon. This will be a process starting with Original, 360, Indie and Modern (i.e. WP and W8) games, and will serve as the cornerstone of a cheap Xbox Lite streaming box (which will include Kinect, but come in at $199).

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      I expect the same, many mainstream game-reporters have noted that the time of consoles have come, and Cloud-streaming is the way to go, Microsoft originally had that vision but a huge backlash caused them to ”compromise”, of-course as Sony who laughed the loudest at Microsoft is simply doing the exact same thing as Microsoft did, only Sony gets away with it.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    Xbox LIVE is a great service that gives Windows P.C.’s and Windows Phones a competitive edge over Crapple and Scroogle, Xbox LIVE Game-score remains relevant on every form-factor. :-)

  • 1995supra

    Poor guy had to be interviewed by them two clowns huh…… I will never forget the Steven Sinofsky interview. I wonder if Ol’ Walt grilled Nadella as much as Sinofsky…… It was kind of a hard interview to watch because it was just a way to trash MS, Sinofsky, and Windows. [youtube – Sinfosky Interview All Things D 11]