Satya Nadella Says Microsoft Has No Plans To Sell Bing Business To Yahoo

At the inaugural Code Conference (#CodeCon) where @karaswisher and @waltmossberg are engaging Microsoft CEO @satyanadella in a more than hour-long onstage conversation, there were lots of things discussed. When Kara asked whether they are going to sell Bing business to Yahoo in the future, he declined that Microsoft has no plans to sell Bing business to Yahoo.

Kara on search: Are you still going to compete heavily against Google, and how?

Nadella says the core value of Bing is a lot more than But, he says, Bing has 18 percent market share on its own, 30 percent with the Yahoo traffic it serves — about the market share of the iPhone.

No plans to sell search business to Yahoo. “We are very happy to partner with Yahoo serving the search results.”

Source: Recode

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    So Bing is basically ”the iPhone of search”, yet it’s only the BUTT of EVERY search joke EVAH… that’s something I don’t get, many services powered by Bing operated by Microsoft are praised and hailed, the problem is that the media and many people simply love to joke around about Microsoft, and many people haven’t even considered Bing, if you’d read most Bing Vs. Scroogle comments on 9GAG there is always a large number of commenters who’ll claim ”there are no differences”, the problem with Bing is that it’s too much concentrated on those U.S.A. it practically ignores the rest of the world, I don’t even take non-American Bing serious (unless it’s Chinese Bing – Mainland), Microsoft must quit the region-lock and make Bing globally competitive.

    • Ruben Verbaan

      Agreed. I live in Europe and only recently they implemented maps. Some of Bing’s search sevices are better than Google’s: I prefer Bing’s image search!

  • tomakali

    In India, nobody knows whats BING. No ads, No Promotions, No Corporate/University exposure.
    If Microsoft so want Indian Marketshare…
    Sponsor “IPL Season 8”
    Whole country will come to know it in just 45 days