Satya Nadella Speaks On The Big Challenge For The Incoming CEO Of Microsoft

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Based on various reports from Bloomberg, Recode, and many other news publications, Microsoft’s current executive vice president of Cloud and Enterprise group is likely to become CEO of Microsoft. GigaOM’s Om Malik did an interview with Satya few months back and he published it yesterday. It is an very interesting interview in which Om asks questions like, “What does the future of Microsoft productivity apps and Microsoft’s Enterprise business look like, say in 2020?”, “What is your biggest challenge right now from a cloud and enterprise standpoint in the company?” and more. I find the answers from Satya to these questions are great. One of the highlights of the interview was when he was asked about the challenge for the incoming CEO of Microsoft, read his full response below.

What do you think is the big challenge for the incoming CEO of Microsoft?

I’d say our current challenge and our current opportunities are the following. You look at, let’s divide it into two parts, on the enterprise side I actually think we’re playing offense. We have a big business, the business I’m associated with closely is 20 plus billion dollars but guess what, there’s two trillion dollars that play in this move to the cloud, so we’re playing offense all the time. In fact, all of today’s announcements are all about, “Hey, the data center of the future, device management of the future, date management, big data, and so on,” so I feel like we have only things to gain and we’re already in there. So it’s not as if you’re talking about the future that’s some time in the distant future but it’s today.

Then on the consumer side, you could say we have devices today and we have a new operating system that we launched, that’s a pretty radical set of bets. New silicon, new UI, new app model, and the fact that we had had tremendous success with the desktop, people look at that and say, “Hey, instantly why is this not at the same scale?” But we’re not confused that it’s touch first and big screens are all important and we’re coming at it and you’ll see us to continue to innovate on our devices front. So the challenge really, and the opportunity is the devices and services and making progress on it.

Read the full interview from the below link.

Source: Gigaom

  • Willem Evenhuis

    I’m not sure about microsoft not being confused about being touch first. The fact that they’re changing the windows 8 OS in 8.1 to orient gradually back to the desktop and keyboard and mouse orientation is confusing to me as a consumer with a surface pro.

    • davepermen

      Its sad that they react to haters by going backwards.. very sad. And wrong.

    • nickcraze

      Where are you getting your info from? A rumor? People need to stop taking rumors as fact because it has been reported on several news sites. We all know most of these rumors don’t come true. They are not orienting the OS to desktop. They are improving on metro and making it seamless between interfaces.

    • donzebe

      Lets wait and see it first hand. Not sure they going back to desktop mode, just improving the desktop app to sync more with current mode.

    • Willem Evenhuis

      It’s not info I’m providing, just pointing out views based on my current experiences as an end user of using my surface pro and windows 7 on my desktop computer. If you want being touch first, the desktop is not the best experience even with the slight improvements of update one. If you want touch, the icons need to be BIGGER, the windowcontrols (-/+/x) need to be BIGGER. The modern UI is more touch friendely, but many UI elements need to be oriented to touch friendlier desgin if you want to state being “touch first”. This is not someone talking sources, but an actual user enjoying the benefits of the windows 8 ecosystem, but frustrated at the claim that touch is right as it is now, which is from an end user experince not completely true. And I see little feature updates one, in my experience doesnt adress that goal. I plainly see windows 8 looking more like the functionality of my windows 7 on my desktop computer. Based on this development, I’m getting the impression that microsoft wants to head more to the mouse and keyboard support, than supporting touch and being, for that matter, “touch first”.

  • CyberAngel

    Tony Bates